What is insurance in easy language


What is insurance in easy language


What is insurance in easy language
insurance in easy language

What is insurance in easy language: Friends, today we will talk about What is insurance in easy language in this post and will know that what is insurance. Insurance word Every person has heard something or ever heard in his life. Because every person has to ensure himself or his or her own family in today’s time. So that he can keep that thing safe. Many such insurance agencies have come in the market. Which are running many types of skim and attracting customers? Friends should tell you that the Government has made some changes in the rules of the insurance in the last year only, before taking insurance, know the terms and conditions of the insurance company so that you do not have to face any difficulties later. So let’s talk about What is insurance in easy language.

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What is insurance

It is in many people’s mind that it is what is insurance. And why it is needed. So today we will discuss What is insurance in easy language. insurance is meant for our security. As if our accident occurs, we get sick, and if we die, then in such a way the insurance company provides financial assistance to a member of our family. Just like if you have insured your life. In such a situation, if you die in an accident, then the insurance company provides financial assistance to any member of your family on your death.

When there is a natural disaster or an unusual accident which is not known to us, then the insurance is given in that situation. This insurance can be for anyone, it can be for any vehicle, it can be for any object, and also for a person. In simple language, we can say that insurance serves as a cover for us. If we have insurance and there is any loss of any kind then in such a situation, the insurance company pays the loss to us. This loss can be anything such as the loss of the vehicle, or any injury to any person etc.

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Types of insurance

What is insurance in easy language. In today’s time, almost everything has started to be insured. Each insurance has different benefits. We can ensure anything in accordance with our needs. There are some popular types of insurance that are practiced by almost everyone. like
Life insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, vehicle insurance, mobile insurance, farmer insurance, pet insurance, marriage insurance etc.

1. Life Insurance

Friends, the life insurance person makes a person so that after his departure, his family does not face financial problems. The person deposits some part of his income as insurance so that his family can get some help. In this, after the death of that person, the person nominated by him will be given the sum insured in the insurance company’s policy.

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2. Health insurance

Health insurance Every person has a lot of benefits in today’s time. It has many advantages, such as if you get sick and you have health insurance, then the insurance company pays all the expenses of your hospital. You have to renew your health insurance periodically. In health insurance, you have to pay a fixed amount every month.

3. Accident insurance

In Accident Insurance, if your accident occurs. And if you have accidental insurance, then the insurance company will bear your losses in such a situation. In which insurance agency pays your loss according to its policy.

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4. Home insurance

Insurance is given for your home in home insurance. It is insured by looking at the value of your home. While giving home insurance, the corporations take care of many things as if the place you are taking home insurance should be yours. In this, insurance companies prepare their own policies according to your property. Home insurance is given when there is a loss of home or anything in your home if there is any such problem in home insurance, that is when the earthquake arrives, flooding etc.

5. Vehicle Insurance

Friends can have car insurance in vehicle insurance, bike insurance, or a vehicle for another vehicle, or even a driver, when there is an extraordinary loss, in such a situation, the insurance company will be Compensate damages. This loss can happen to any person or to a vehicle. Let us know that IRADA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) has made some changes in the rules of insurance. Now when buying a Car or Bike, it has been mandatory to take third party insurance of 3 or 5 years. Now the owners of the rules will have to spend more money.

6. Mobile insurance

Nowadays many companies have started offering mobile insurance and many people keep their mobile insurance. In this, if your mobile phone is missing. Or is stolen. In such a situation, you are given another mobile or the price is paid.

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7. Farmer insurance

Farmer insurance is for farmers if a farmer’s crop is eliminated for some reason. In such a way, the Government provides farmers insurance under the crop insurance scheme for the farmers as well.

There are also many different types of insurance that the person does according to their facilities, then there were some types of insurance about which we told you

Friends, in this article, we have talked to you about What is insurance in easy language. We also talked about Types of Insurance in which we talked about many important types of insurance such as Home insurance, Health insurance, Accident insurance, Travel insurance, Mobile insurance etc. So we hope you have liked this article. If you like this article, please like it and share it.

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