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Vivavideo Pro is one of the best video cameras and video editing applications present at the moment.

Video editor for Androids is necessary because we cannot use our Pc always. Also for being a good editor application, it has to consists of some basic features which help the application in running smoothly.

VivaVideo Pro
At present, viva video pro apk has over 100million active users which just shows how popular the application is. In many countries, viva video pro apk has been as number 1 video editing application.
Presently people like to share many stories in their social media stories. With the viva video pro app, one can make as many stories they want and share it with their closed ones.

What is VivaVideo Pro?

Vivavideo Pro is one of the best video editing applications available for Android. Vivavideo pro consists of many features that are worth it. Users find the application comfortable and use it for many purposes.

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Also, it consists of some awesome effects which can be used in a video for giving them a new look.
One can combine many photos and make an awesome slideshow video out of it so that we can gift it to our close ones.

Features of VivaVideo Pro

1. Watermark-free videos
Watermark is very annoying in any application. Most of the applications charge a certain amount for disabling this thing.
Well in this mod version, you can use the application without any watermark.

2. Unlimited video length
In other versions, the video length is limited. SO users sometimes find it difficult to edit long videos. But in VivaVideo Pro, one can edit the longer videos too without any difficulty.

Other Key Features

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1. Creative Video Camera Lenses
This is one of the awesome features available in this application. Some of its multi capture options such as Basic/Selfie/FX/Funny/Music Video/Collage are really awesome and users just love it. Its selfie camera and nine different lenses just add to it.

2. Photo Slideshow Maker
We usually like to click photos regularly. Here we can make a movie out of our pictures. Viva video pro apk lets us combine all of our photos in one place and thus mix all of them and then add make a great video out of it.

3. Video Collage Makers
This function lets us merge all the clips in one place and make a beautiful video out of it.

4. Powerful Video Editor
Viva video pro apk is a really simple yet useful editing tool that lets us make videos as per our wish. It’s an easy to use professional editing tool known for its awesome features.
There is an option in storyboard editing which lets to merge the videos. We as a creator has to customize the videos a bit so that we can make a unique video for various purposes.

5.FREE Materials to Download
There are some features that require a premium plan and so you have to spend a little amount on it. But in vivavideo pro free, one can use all the premium features at no cost.
At present, there are 200+ effects which include Animated Stickers/Themes/Filters/FX/Texts/Transitions/Export and Share/

6. Export and Share
There are an easy export and share option which lets to easily export our created videos to the gallery. The exported video from Vivavideo Pro can then easily uploaded to any of our social media platforms.

Some More Features of viva video apk

Numerous feature updates
As you may find in many mods that the updates are not available, but in viva video pro, you will not miss out on any of the updates. Updates are important because it includes several security patches and fixes bugs too.

Various bug fixes
Bug fixes are done here in Vivavideo Pro so that the application is updated.

Download Vivavideo Pro

So here I will be sharing the direct download link of viva video apk. Downloading this application is really easy. What you have to is to click on the below link and the download will start automatically.



Install viva video pro apk

The installation of Hotstar Apk is real simple. Below are some steps to install it.

Step1 – Click on the download link given above. Clicking the link directly takes you to the download page.
Step2 – Uninstall the previously downloaded viva video pro apk.
Step3- Go to the settings area and Allow download from All sources.
Step4 – Find the file from your storage and then click Install

Wrapping Up

In this article, I have shared the direct download link of the viva video pro apk. By clicking this link, you will be able to easily download and install the application.
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