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Psiphon Pro – The Internet Freedom VPN[100% Working]

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Psiphon Pro is a Vpn application. Vpn, as we know, is a virtual network provider that helps to access many websites.

Sometimes we tend to browse the sites which are not accessible from our usual IP. For such cases, this Psiphon Pro can be used. Also while connected to the public Wifi, there is a high risk of data loss. Using this application one can create a secure connection and thus browse the web easily. It thus creates a private tunnel between you and the internet.

Psiphon Pro

It is one of the best Vpn available for android users.

What is Psiphon Pro Apk?

Psiphon Pro is an application that helps to create a private tunnel between you and the Internet. It helps to securely visit any site without the risk of data loss.

Psiphon Pro also helps to visit some sites which are restricted by the network providers. It generally uses SSH & HTTP Proxy hiding methods to mask your Ip and thus provide a virtual Ip for the users.

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The application works in a way that once you run this application, it gets you connected to a secured network in its servers and thus helps to visit any sites.
Thus a user can then freely surf the Internet and visit many sites.

Features of Psiphon Pro Apk

As all application has its features and similar is the case with Psip hon Pro. The features are listed below –

Psiphon Pro Psiphon Pro

1. High Speed

The speed provided by this network is great. SO if you want to do any kind of work then you can do it with ease. This global network has 1000 servers at various entry points which helps us to stay connected all the time.

2. Single Click Access

This is another great feature as it does help to save some time. In Psiphon Pro Apk one can just download this application and start using it. There is no need for any signup here and so easy to use.

3. Secure Tunnel

The tunnels available here are indeed secure than the rests. The app provides unique access to almost everything browsed through this network as the access are provided by the global Psiphon server network.

4. Configuration options

The application has a collection of customized proxy settings which helps to make Psiphon your personal VPN network.

Psiphon Pro MOD Apk Features

There are indeed really great features provided by this application. Some of them are listed below –

1. Subscription unlocked
The subscription is unlocked here which thus means that the premium features are unlocked and there is no need for any purchase. All the features are available free of cost.

2. Ads Removed
The ads are removed in the application which is one of the great features. Usually, the ads create a disturbance while using any app and thus creates problems in the user interface.

3. Fast Load
The app does provide fast loading so the user is not bored due to the time taken by the loading speed of the app.

4. Disabled Unwanted Permissions
Well, this feature is really useful as no unwanted permission are asked in Psiphon Pro MOD Apk.

Download Psiphon Pro Mod Apk Latest Version 2020


App NamePsiphon Pro Apk
Last UpdateMay 2020
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How to Install Psiphon Pro Apk on Android?

Note – The permission for the installation of unknown files should be allowed. Just go to the settings area and thus it can be easily done from there.

Step 1 – Download the application from the link given above. The download gradually starts once clicked.
Step 2 – Once the file is downloaded, go to the file manager, select the file, and click on Install.
Step 3 – Once the installation is done then you are ready to use this Psiphon Pro.

Also, remember to remove the previously installed application before downloading this app.
Enjoy the premium version

Wrapping Up

So in this article, I have shared the direct download link of Psiphon Pro Apk. The app lets a user browse the web through a secure connection.
If you liked my article on Psiphon Pro then do share it with your friends.

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