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Pokemon Emerald Rom is basically a role-playing game developed by Game Freak. The game is published by The Pokemon Company for Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance. Pokemon is really a fun game to play which was originally released in 2004 in Japan and then in 2005 internationally.

Pokemon emerald rom download is a part of third-generation video game series. It is a really interesting series that is popular among the 90’s kids. Both the cartoon series and game series have been really popular among the people and its popularity has really grown in today’s time.


File NamePokemon emerald rom
User Rating4.5
File Size6.4 MB
Region USA
GENRE Role Playing
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Pokemon emerald version is where you can be a pokemon trainer and get your opponents on their feet. I personally play this game with my friends and we really have a nice time.

Pokemon Emerald Rom Download


I along with my friends play this pokemon emerald rom download on a regular basis. The battle mod here is really awesome and the adventure is amazing.

Pokemon emerald rom

Pokemon emerald version as we all know is a video game related to pokemon. The characters in these games can move in all four directions and with the chat feature we talk to people over the world.
The game is easy and at the same time adventurous. The users here can encounter the wild pokemon by walking through grass, calves, along the river, or in the hills. Catching Pokemon is real fun if you are passionate enough.

Pokemon Emerald Rom

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Like the video series, the trainers can fight other trainers. In this case, the game gradually shifts to the battle mode. pokemon emerald gba rom shows the stats of both the pokemon and the trainers on the screen. The users can analyze their gameplay accordingly and thus get higher points than the other. Having an upper-hand is always important in order to prove that you are the best.

How to play pokemon emerald rom download

The game is really fun. Usually, people go for one-on-one battles but there is a two-on-two battle too. Pokemons have their own set of abilities and strengths which should be understood by the trainers in order to win more matches. The more bonding you have the more wins you can register. Pokemon Emerald RomĀ becomes real fun when the connection is good.
The wild pokemon with a little training can turn out to be a lot stronger. Although you can catch them with the help of Poke balls but its always better to weaken them. A weakened pokemon is easier to catch and tamed later. Also, players can trade their pokemon with pokemon emerald rom download and then upgrade skills with a new friend.

Pokemon Emerald Rom Download

There are many types of battles happening all around and a user can choose the type of battle they want to enter and also the competitor they wanna face. The rare pokemon are also made available here in some events.
Story of the game
As discussed above, its a pokemon game with good graphics. Different types of characters present here so as for some good games. One can choose between the boy and a girl character. Initially, in pokemon emerald GBA, users can select one pokemon among three of them.

The pokemon emerald version gives tasks to fill their Pokedex by catching various pokemon species. Taking about the challenges than the user has to defeat around 8 gym trainers and also defeat the Elite four along with its champion.
On the last two gym visits, the trainers will have to deal with their legendary pokemon. The legendary pokemon will not obey them will risk the world with droughts and rainfall. Hence its a fun game to be played. Pokemon Emerald GBA Rom is really awesome because the intensity the battle mode brings cannot be matched. So trainers do have a lot of fun here.

How to download this application.

The download process is really simple.
Step1 – Click on the download link of pokemon emerald GBA rom. This will automatically take to to the download page.
Step2 – Delete the previously downloaded emulators in order to run this smoothly.
Step3 – Click on install once file downloaded.
Step4 – Make sure the installation of an unknown file is allowed. It can be done from the settings section.
Srep5 – Your game pokemon emerald rom is ready to play.


Wrapping Up

In this article, I have discussed pokemon emerald rom and share its direct download link. Pokemon is really connected to our hearts as from the video series time. I personally used to watch pokemon a lot and wanted a fantasy world as such. This game thus helps us to revive such moments and enjoy to the fullest.
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