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Oreo Tv Apk v1.8.4 for Android & Firesticks [Latest Version]

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Oreo Tv apk is a popular streaming platform where people can watch their favorite shows as per their wish. The platform is preferred by many and the result of it can be seen by the number of its downloads.

Well, you can surely give it a try in order to know how awesome the application is. Many types of shows such as web series, movies, originals, TV Shows, etc can be found here. All these can be enjoyed here on oreo tv. Now you might think that you may have to pay for its services, but that’s not the case here. In this article, I will share the direct download link of oreo tv mod apk so that users can easily download the app.

Because the app has cool features, many users switched to oreo tv, to enjoy these features. The app is developed by Indian developers and so users get access to many local shows and programs. The app has 100+ local channels along with worldwide channels.

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Oreo Tv for pc is also available so that users can enjoy the shows in their pc too. What users have to do is to just get this oreo tv mod apk and enjoy the oreo tv apk at absolutely no cost.

What Is Oreo Tv?

Oreo Tv apk is an awesome application that lets you watch shows directly to your pc. Talking about the variety it provides, then there are around 6000+ channels which consist of various types of shows such as romance, action, thriller, documentary, comedy, etc. I do love watching comedy shows. All the useful features of streaming applications can be found here in oreo tv for pc or android.
Oreo Tv is just like other streaming platforms, but what makes it different from others is the added features it provides. This oreo tv app lets users watch their fav shows right from their destinations.

One reason to choose this application is that it has a large collection of tv channels. Here users don’t have to miss out on their favorite channels. Also, the app has a variety of genres that keeps the users interested. From Romance to action, thriller to horror, many such types of shows are present here.
The videos are available in high quality i.e on 4k resolution so that people can understand every detail of what they watch. Shows from different streaming platforms such as airtel XStream, Zee5, ALTBalaji are present here at one place in Oreo tv.

Features of Oreo Tv Apk

There are many features for this application and some of them are mentioned below.

1) Unlimited Access

This application offers unlimited access to users. Unlike others, users here can easily have access to tons of shows here without much difficulty.

2) Full HD support

Oreo Tv App
Well detailing is important while watching any shows. Hd support means that the users can watch the shows at really good quality and understand every detail of it. Also, the interest of the users increases when the quality of the videos are of good quality.

3) Ads-free

Oreo Tv
This is another good feature of oreo tv apk. Here users don’t have to deal with the advertisements which come in between their shows. Sometimes we tend to watch our favorite shows but then tend to be irritated when the ads start playing between our shows. Thus in this app, users can enjoy movies with no issues.

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4) No login required

No login is required here in oreo tv apk. As because of this, users can easily be logging into this app after downloading it. There is no need of remembering the login details now as they will not be required.

5) Dark mode

Here, users can put their screens in dark mode. It thus helps them to set their screen in such a way so that they don’t affect their eyes.

6) Easy interface

Oreo Tv App
The interface of oreo tv apk download is really easy and so any users can easily use this without any difficulty. The shows, movies, originals are arranged in an organized manner. Also, the themes used here are fast loading and so easy to used.

7) Fast speed

Here videos can be easily adjusted from these features. If you think that a portion of a video must be fast-forwarded then it can easily be done here.

Some More features of Oreo Tv Apk

Well, there are some cool features too which are discussed here –

a) The application is really user-friendly. This helps a user to easily navigate the app and also search your preferred movies. Select any shows here easily.
b) 6000+ channels are available here so there are many options to choose from here. It’s really a huge list and surely offers a variety of options.
c) Channels from various platforms such as Jio tv, airtel tv, etc will be available here.
d) No login details required here and so there is no need to remember the details. Just download and start using the app.

e) Players like MX Player Pro, VLC Media player, etc are supported here in oreo tv so that users don’t miss their old players.
f) Show, movies, or series can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world. Also, shows of other countries are supported here which is really amazing.
g) Night mode is available so that users and easily switch to this while using at night or even in day times too.
h) The shows are distributed according to their categories which is great. Like one can easily find what they are searching for by easily clicking on it.

Updated features of Oreo Tv

Well as the progress went on, people started this application in large numbers and along with it, the demand for new features also went high. Some of such features listed here

i) New networks added
As the demand for new networks rose, the app decided to introduced them so as to keep the viewers interested.

ii) Bugs fixed
There were issues such as the application used to shutdown automatically while using, and many such issues. Hence most of them are fixed here.

iii)Firestick issue fixed
Earlier, the oreo tv for pc sometimes would face problems while connecting the firesticks. Similar issues are also taken care of here.

iv) Live chat support
This cool feature has been added to oreo tv apk download so as to provide an option to the users that they can connect to the officials at any time and solve their issues.

Thus the new features were great and helpful too.

How to install this app

The installation of this app is really simple. Well, The steps of its installation are stated below –

Step1 – First of all click on the download link oreo tv apk download, this will automatically take you to the new tab where the file is present.
Step2 – Make sure the installation of unknown applications is allowed. Just go to Android device > Security > Privacy and allow the downloads of Unknown Applications.
Step3 – Also if you have an old version download to your device, then just uninstall that downloaded version.
Step4 – One the file, the oreo tv app is downloaded then just go to the file manager and install the application.


How To Install Oreo Tv On Firestick

Well many of us like to watch our favorite shows on television that too on a big screen. For such cases, this app can be installed and be connected to the television.
Using firestick thus helps us to connect the apps to our television. Oreo Tv can offer users to watch shows in 4k.

Some Steps to install oreo tv apk on firestick are mentioned here –

a) Firstly start your tv and then connect the firestick and then turn it “On”
b) If you wish to make some changes to it then click on “Settings”.
c) For enabling the developer option, simply click on the “Device” option.
d) Well to install the oreo tv apk on firestick, one just has to click on the “Allow Unknown Sources”
e) In the search option thus search the oreo tv and click on the enter option.
f) Thus your oreo tv apk is installed. Thank you

Wrapping up

Thus in this article, I have shared the direct download link of oreo tv apk. This app is really useful, for watching various types of shows.
If you liked my article on oreo tv, then do share this with your friends.

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