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Mini Militia Mod Apk v5.3.2 Hack Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Nitro, One Shot Kill

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Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia is a very popular game among teenagers. Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 Mod APK is mostly played by the school or college kids. The reason for its popularity is the offline multiplayer feature.

The Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Pro Pack Mod can be played in a group making the squad. Thus this game acts as a stress buster for people of various age groups. The Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Pro Pack Mod gives access to many pro features for seamless gaming. From  Unlock Every Pro Features to Store Items for Free all are available here. This mini militia mod apk consists of Pack Features Like Unlimited Health, Ammo, Nitro, No Reload Etc.


Mini Militia Mod Apk


There are many people who love this game and so downloading Doodle army 2 game application is really worth it. Doodle Army 2 is one of the oldest war multiplayer games. At present, there are many other battle royal games too but if you have a phone of low specs than mini militia mod apk latest version is just perfect.

What is Mini Militia- Doodle Army 2

As you are here then surely you are interested in playing Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 Mod APK. I will be sharing the download link of mini militia mod apk in the latter part of this post. But first of all, let’s find out what this game is all about.

Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 is an intense multiplayer game where you can make teams and fight for the win. The characters of this game is a 2D cartoon type. The only rule to win here is to get the most number of kills.
Once you start the game you are landed on the battlefield along with other places. You are landed at any random places along with some other players and then move forward by defeating other characters. Flying high might help you get out of sight of your opponents.
Download mini militia mod apk and then play with fun. Once you register a win the later you can advance further and go one winning game after games. One of the best 2D multiplayer game it is.


Mini Militia Mod Apk

Features of Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Mod Apk

This game has increased its popularity among the youths mostly mainly because of its features. There are various features that keep this game at the top of other online multiplayer games. I along with my squad used to prefer this game for its awesome features. Some features of Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia are mentioned below –

1) This mod apk is available at absolutely no cost. Which just means that one can play this game at free. The version found at the play store is really cool to play but this may lack some features which are available at mini militia mod apk. So in order to enjoy premium features at no cost, then you surely can check out this app.

2) This particular game is supported at most of the android version and so you can play it with most of your friends. Usually, there are some good games that are fun to play but require high processors to run. But not the case here in mini militia mod apk. Users can just download it and start playing.

3) Teaming up is available and so having a fight with the other team is really fun here. Above all teaming up with your friends is really great because it increases the excitement of the game and players do have a lot of fun here.

4) There are several weapons present here so that you can take a fight with the characters and have fun in winning it. Here in the mini militia hack version, the various features are unlocked so players don’t have to wait in order to unlock those features.

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5) In terms of the online mode, a max total of 6 players can play this game at once whereas talking about the offline mode than a maximum of 12 players can play this game at once. Mini militia hack version as discussed is a great team game and have a squad of friends can really help to enjoy the game. No matter you win or lose the game, but the moments will be always cherished.

6) There are many routes to escape in the game which means if their squad rushes to you than you can apply this technique. Like many games, in order to win one must use some strategies and techniques. As everyone has their own way of playing games, so it’s always better to have a unique gameplan.

7) Aiming is fun at mini militia mod and so earn as many points you can by just upgrading your skills. The more opponents you take down, the more points you gonna score.

Extra Features of Mini Militia Pro Pack Mod Apk

Mini Militia Mod Apk as discussed is a fun 2D multiplayer game. I still remember I chose this game over other games in my school days and really enjoyed it a lot with my friends.  The variety of features consisted of this game thus attracts all its users. The way we beat our opponents in the game is just awesome.

1) This version such as mini militia mod apk unlimited ammo and nitro it consists of unlimited ammo i.e fire as many times you want without the fear of losing ammo and so unlimited nitro means the character can remain in the air for the whole of the time. Mini militia hack version download unlimited health and ammo is really useful in winning matches.

2) An infinite number of grenades so that you can keep off the other characters from beating you. Here in the mini militia hack version unlimited of such accessories are found. This is really essential in a game and plays a major role in winning matches.

3) Auto reloads available so that no such means of worrying about reloads. Here is a mini militia pro pack where players don’t have to worry about their reloads and can easily carry out with the game.

4) Unlimited life in mini militia/ Health – Well this is a very good thing about this game that until the tie gets over, you will receive as many chances of life you want so you can just enjoy playing.

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5) One-shot kill – well this means that this mini militia hack has features of defeating your opponents with just one shot. This is totally great as when you playing against a tough opponent, so what you have to do is just to connect one shot and win.

6) Unlimited Battle Points i.e an unlimited amount of points to purchase any outfit or item but as the items are already unlocked so there is o such need of purchasing again. Usually, players have to pay for such features but here all are available for free.

7) God Mod apk in mini militia hack thus means that no one can defeat you in this game and you gonna win all of them.

8) Many new avatars and customizations are done to give a good gaming experience. It thus increases the excitement towards the game.


Doodle Army 2 Mini MilitiaDoodle Army 2 Mini Militia

Mini Militia Mod Apk Versions details

As of present, there are lots of Mini Militia mods present in the industry. People are busy making mods after mods to add more features to the game. Popular features such as infinite ammo, infinite nitro passing through the walls, etc, and many more.

In this post, I will try to cover up each of the Mini Militia Pro Mod version. Do let me know if I miss out on any version. So let’s get started.

1) God Mod Apk

If you too wanna be unbeatable and most probably the one who can’t be beaten then this mod is for you. Mini Militia GOD mod apk gives access to all these features which takes the level of the game to infinity. This mini militia hack apk is usually used for fun by players so that they can’t be beaten by anyone.

This mode is usually used by the player to increase their battle points and the level of their games. As you ask me then I don’t play this mod because whenever I play this game on the local lobby then the rest of the players leave the lobby so I don’t play this game.

So in order to increase battle points then mini militia hack Apk is good. Battle points are generally used for in-game purchases. Well, the mini militia mod apk has already the unlocked features and avatars required for complete gaming.

Any user can easily dominate any of his/her opponents. Well if you really want fair gameplay then I suggest not using this app well if you just want to upgrade your rankings and battle points then this app is ready to go.

Mini militia doodle army 2 is really a fun game when played with friends.

Some most common features of this mod are given below –

a) Includes all mega mod features

b) Unlimited grenades

c) Unlimited zoom

d) High speed

2) Mega Mod Apk (One Shot Kill)

This version is basically for those who just want to rankings no matter the gameplay is fair or not. They don’t care to want others to want of the game rules, their only motive is to win matches. Here each component of the game is available in unlimited units such as unlimited ammo, unlimited nitro, unlimited health, grenades, etc. This mini militia hack gives you full access to the game.

Some changes such as layout color changes can be seen in this mod. This version is also termed as the One-Shot Kill version. Now as the name goes, many of you might guess it right.

In this version, a user can kill the opponent with just a single shot. As we have seen in weapons such as pistols or shotguns, these features were available but other weapons need multiple shots. But after using this mod, a user can knock his opponent with just a single shot.

But you will easily get bored after some time in this version as other people might not like to play with you as they will find out you are not playing fairly.

Some reasons for people for picking this mini militia mod Apk are –

One-Shot Kill, Unlimited Health and Ammo, Infinite Boost, High Damage bullets.

3) Unlimited Health Mod Apk

This is the most common mini militia hack used by the players in doodle army 2 gameplay. As the name goes, this version has a package of unlimited health i.e no other how much hits you receive your health with not decrease.

Well, the opponents will be well aware that you are using some extra features and so they might leave the lobby. Also, this mode has unlimited ammo which means there is no need for picking up or switching too many guns. So one can just pick any gun and start playing.

Also, this mode contains unlimited nitro so that a character can remain in the air for a longer period of time. Staying up in the air for a longer period thus means that you can remain on top and dominate the other players.

4) Wall Hack Mod Apk

Wallhack mod is one of the most popular mini militia hacks used in the game. By using this version, one can pass through the wall while playing. Passing through the wall thus makes you invincible as this mini militia apk helps you to remain inside the wall. In that case, no one can beat you and if anyone tries to fire at that it won reach you as you are already inside the wall.

Another funny thing about this version is that one you are knocked than the weapons used by you will float in the air. You can easily knock the enemies hiding in the walls. This mini militia mod is usually used in the flag version of the game as you have to collect the flag of the opponent and the player with maximum flag wins the match.

But as players using this mod hides behind the wall, so it thus spoils the mood of the game amongst the other players.

5) Double Gun Mod Apk

This mini militia hack version helps to pick up two guns at the same time. Picking two guns at a time thus increases the damage power so that the shots connect provides more damage. So thus a thing to follow here is to find the best combo for your game so that you can manage both long-range and close-range battles.

This awesome feature is available in Mini Militia Mod Apk. This version is used by many while playing in a group and it thus increases the excitement of the game.

6) Invisible Mode

This mini militia hack version makes the character invisible. Being invisible in a game means that no one can see you but you can see everyone and pick up the skill points. Well in this mini militia hack version, all the features such as unlimited nitro, ammo, health are available.

This mini militia mod also has an unlimited pack of avatars which thus makes the game a lot more interesting. You can use this mod for fun but to maintain the fair gameplay, this mod is nor preferred. Some of my friends play this mod and we usually don’t play with him for this reason.

Download Mini Militia Pro Pack Mod Apk (All Items Unlocked)

So finally the moment arrived we have been waiting for. Here below I am sharing the downloading link of Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia. You just have to one thing which is to click on the link and download this awesome game. Mini militia pro pack Apk is hence available for you.


Size36 MB
Android Support4.1 or above
App ByMiniclip
Last Updated20 February 2020
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Mini Militia Mod Apk


How to download the mini militia mod apk latest version?

Downloading the application is really simple.
Note: The important thing to do here is to allow downloading from unknown sources. As this is an apk, so this permission will be required. It can be done with ease. Just go to Security & Enable Unknown Sources. Once done then you can follow the below steps.


1) Firstly click on the download link given above.
2) Once this is done, the downloading process will start automatically.

How to Install Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2 Mod Apk?

Before downloading this mini militia mod apk one thing you should keep in mind is that you should uninstall the previously downloaded Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 on your device.

The steps for downloading are
1) The first step is of course to download the Apk. Then just click the Apk file and the install option will appear.
2) The installation process will start automatically. The duration of the installation depends on various factors such as processors, ram, etc.

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3) Once installing the Doodle Army 2 App you are ready to go. Just enjoy the Unlimited Mod Pro Pack Features.

New Features of Mini militia mod Apk

1) According to the recent update, the visuals are updated so that a better experience provided while playing. The visuals are really important because players are really interested in playing games that have a better visual with good gameplay.

2) Upgrading of tools is available so that maximum level gameplay is enjoyed. I any type of game, the better chance of winning matches is how upgraded your tools are and mini militia mod apk really gives you that.

3) A new crate system is introduced along with new avatars. New avatars usually bring out the excitement of the players and everyone wants to give a new look to their avatars.

4) A total of 3 new maps available. Usually, we might be bored playing on the same map many times and so new maps give some new challenges and it’s introduced in the mini militia hack version.

5) It is kept in mind that all tools are useful in some way or the other. Mini militia mod apk provides awesome tools.

6) Custom matches can be played by sharing the lobby codes. This just helps in improving our skills. Playing with global players is really fun and exciting. Mini militia mod apk allows players to play custom matches too.

7) Many bugs are fixed so that so disturbance inexperienced during playing. Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 really looks to fix bugs.


Mini Militia Mod Apk


Will, my account get banned using this app?

Well, mini militia mod apk is a safe application and is played by many. Millions of users download this application and play with their friends. This mod is indeed safe and there is very little chance of getting banned.

Do this game crash after playing for a while?

This mod is really awesome. Mini Militia hack can be played for a long time and the game won’t crash. I too played this game for more than an hour and it worked totally fine.

Is this application safe?

Yes, this mini militia mod apk is a safe application and so there are millions of players who are connected with this game.

Are no reloading and unlimited ammo hack available in this Mini Militia Mod?

Yes, both no reloading and unlimited ammo are available here. This thus means that players now don’t have to worry about their ammo while playing as they with never run out of ammo.

Will I get Unlimited Nitro?

Unlimited nitro is available here in mini militia mod Apk so that players now don’t have to worry about nitro and can fly in the air for a longer period.

Wrapping Up

Thus as stated, I have shared the download link of mini militia mod Apk. This game is designed to make a good gaming experience and also spend some quality time. Like you are in a class or in the offices and are bored because of working, so you too can take a small break and play this game for refreshing your mind.

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Mod Apk is just a way of spending some quality time with your friends with laughter and joy.
If you liked our post then please share this with your friends too so that they too can play this awesome game.

Thank You.

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