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Ludo King Mod Apk is one of the popular Strategy board game.

This game is said to be originated from India and is one of the oldest games played by people. In this game, A player has only one job and that is to take their respective token to the finish right from the start. The number of steps to be taken is decided according to the single dice.

This ludo king mod apk is really popular among many countries and is played by a large number of people. There are basically four colors present in this game i.e Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.
Each column consists of six spaces and the middle column which is also known as a home column as 5 spaces colored. A total of four players can play this game. The more players the more is the fun and excitement. So it is always required to play with the maximum players for more fun.

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The game usually starts when a player rolls a dice and gets a 6 (six). Once you score a six, one of your tokens starts the journey and thus be carried out in this way.
The game starts on board in clockwise and the player who reaches their destination earliest thus wins.

Ludo King Mod Apk

What is Ludo King Apk?


Ludo King Mod Apk  Ludo King Mod Apk

Ludo club online is one of the popular game and any player in this lockdown might have downloaded the ludo king apk. This game is available on many devices and so this makes it special.
Usually, this game is attached to us from our childhood as it has many memories associated with us. Whenever we had vacations or get some holidays, we used to play this game at that time.

The offline mode of this game is fun as we can play it with the computer or with any of your friends. I play this game on a regular basis with my friends and its really great.
Also, the online feature in Ludo King Mod Apk helps us to play with players around the globe. This modded version has unlimited money which means a player can create rooms of any amount he wants without any tension of spending money.

Features of Ludo King Mod Apk


Ludo Game Game Ludo

Talking about the features then this game does have a lot of features. Some are discussed below

1. Multiplayer
This is a multiplayer game i.e Play with your friends & family through Offline or Online Multiplayer. The advantage of both online and offline mode is that when there is no network, still you can play it in the offline mode.

2. Multiple Players
In this game, according to the latest update, a total of 6 players can play the game at a time. The more the players, the more is the difficulty level.

3. Play Snake & Ladders
This is another interesting game which comes with ludo club online. This ludo king mod apk consists of this snakes & ladder game. It has around 7 varieties and you can enjoy it.

4. Play online
You can Invite & challenge your FB Friends in a private game room & defeat them to become Ludo King. Playing online with friends is really fun and also help to spend your time.

5. No Internet connection required
Well, the offline feature helps to play with the computer. It can be played anywhere.

6. Make friends
With the online mode, you can play with many people around the globe and thus make new friends.

7. Send Emojis
Emojis are a good way to express ourselves while chatting. Thus one can send emojis while playing with spending some coins.

8. Good Graphics
The game offers good graphics while playing. This game gives a traditional look when increases the fun while playing.

Extra Features of Ludo King MOD Apk

1. Unlimited Coins
As we know that the coins are used to create rooms. Unlimited coins thus help in making rooms. In the usual game, there is always an issue of running out of coins. But that not an issue here n Ludo King Mod Apk. One can play here without any tension.

2. Ads Free
Well, ads are indeed irritating and many of us don’t like it while playing games. Thus in this game, the ads are removed and thus help in better gameplay. Sometimes the game also gets stuck while showing ads.

3. More Six
This mod game helps to score more sixes and thus increases the chances to win the match. The more sixes, the more we can make moves towards our victory in Ludo King Mod Apk.


Download Ludo King Mod Apk Latest Version 2020

Thus the purpose of this article was to share the direct download of this game. So below am going to share it. The installation process is simple too.


App NameLudo King Mod Apk
Last UpdatedApril 2020
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How to Install this application


The installation process of Ludo King MOD Apk is simple. It is really a simple process and I will be sharing the tips here.

Note – The important thing to notice here is that you have to allow the installation of unknown files. This can easily be done by going to the Settings area and Allowing the downloads from unknown sources.

Step 1 – Download the application from the link given above. The download process will start as soon as you press on the download button.
Step 2 – Once the file is downloaded, go to the file manager, select the file, and click on Install.
Step 3 – Once the installation is done then you are ready to use this Ludo club online game.

Also, remove your previously installed ludo king before downloading this apk.

Wrapping Up

Thus in this post, I have discussed the Ludo club online. The game is indeed interesting and takes the gaming level to the next level.

If you liked my article on Ludo King Mod Apk then do share it with your friends.

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