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KineMaster Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked + No Watermark) July 2020

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Kinemaster Mod Apk(Unlocked) – Every individual who is interested in the field of editing might have come across this particular application.

Many of us are in a learning stage so it is obvious that we might not be able to afford a laptop/desktop. But that completely not an issue. This Kinemaster Mod Apk runs in many versions of android and thus helps to make awesome videos for our tasks. The extra features here are just amazing. You may have a youtube channel or might be interested in vlogging or just in making videos, this application works in all cases. Any user will be able to make awesome and top-class edits using this Kinemaster Apk.

Talking about trends of present times then, Kinemaster is amongst the top and is a fully feature editing tool. This application is available on google play store too and one can easily edit their recorded videos with the help of this particular application.


Name Kinemaster Mod Apk
Size38 MB
Modded Version 4.12
Offered By Kinemaster Corporation
Updated On 2 Days Ago
Mod Features Pro Unlocked + No Watermark
Telegram Channel


KineMaster Mod Apk



This is user friendly and so a new user can easily make edits over here even in their first try. One of my college mates uses this app and is making awesome edits. He is also adding lots of extra features to his edits which amazes the rest of us and is now kinda popular in the college. So I must say, this Kinemaster mod apk has a lot to offer for people who are interested in doing something great.

As I have mentioned above that the application is available in the google play store. But as we know every great thing comes at a cost. Similar is the case here. For unlocking the pro features, one has to make the inbuilt purchases or take the subscriptions.

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For just normal editing, Kinemaster provides services free of cost. Like for some basic editing and tasks, the application is fine and good to go. But say if looking at some advanced levels than the mod version is necessary as it contains many advanced features. Thus for using the premium the amount which has to be paid is $4.99/month or $39.99/annual.

Chill …You don’t have to worry about the prices here as I will be providing the direct download link of Kinemaster Mod Apk 2020 so that you guys don’t have to search it elsewhere. This version has no watermark so the edited videos are great to look at and any user can edit great videos without the need of hiring anyone.

KineMaster Mod Apk

What Is Kinemaster?

Kinemaster is a video editing application that is fully packed with awesome advanced features required for some outstanding editing. It provides a good range of facilities such as voice over, videos with multiple layers, changing background with chroma key also known as green screen editing, etc. Chroma Key is one of the powerful features and loved by many. With the help of this, a user can edit and add features as per their wish.

Nowadays most people are making videos on youtube, Instagram, or also use social media platforms such as Facebook or TikTok. So with the use of Kinemaster apk a user can edit or enhance any type of video.

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Talking about the release of this application Kinemaster was launched in December 2013 by NexStreaming. This was launched specially for Android users. The usefulness of this application was soon realized by the people and as a result, it achieved 6M+ active users within 2 years of its start. At present, it has 100M+ downloads and a rating of 4.4/5.0 rating on google play store.
This is a freemium application so users can use many of its features for free. Well for using the full premium features of it, one must purchase the subscription or at least get the Kinemaster mod apk.

What Is Kinemaster Mod Apk?

Kinemaster Mod Apk is basically the unlocked version of the Kinemaster application. This gives access to all the premium features consisted of the unlocked version. The features include speed control, multiple video layers, chroma key, and many more at absolutely no cost.

One of the things people don’t like in the free version is the watermark that shows at the bottom of the edited videos. So in this unlocked version, the user should not be worried about the watermarks and thus enjoy professional type editing.
Some of the features we can enjoy in Kinemaster Pro Apk are listed below –

KineMaster Mod Apk

a) Create professional video from your android

People often say that one can only edit professional type videos in computers but that’s not at true. With good editing skills, one can create a great level of editing using this application. What you need to do is practice and then implement those in your edits. Learning any kills needs a bit of time and once mastered can do wonders.

b) Remove object background

Well sometimes while recording something might come in the background of our videos. Thus we can crop or remove the unwanted thing from the background. Also if we don’t want to display what’s on the background then one can just replace the screens.

c) Add multiple layers

In professional type editings, many layers are required to add clips or parts from various scenes. Hence in such cases, the addition of multiple layers comes into play. Multilayers are of great help in KineMaster Mod Apk because sometimes there is a need of adding multilayers in our video.

Recently I had to edit a video for my college project and this feature helped me a lot. Also for making videos on memories, we need to add any clips. For such cases too, this feature is useful.

d) Save video in 4K quality

This is the generation where both the video and screen resolution is getting improved. So in order to remain in the market or stayed favorite in the minds of people, the better quality of videos is required which is available in Kinemaster Mod Apk.

e) Blend two videos

Well, the blending of two videos is also available so as to make the videos more professional. Two videos can be blend so that to give it a fresh look.

f) Give voiceover to any video

Sometimes we recorded the videos with audio and some unwanted voices arise in the background. So people can then erase that audio and separately add voice on that video.

Well, there are some other features too which are available in Kinemaster Mod Apk. I have mentioned some of its important features which are widely used.
Important features such as color schemes, voices analyzer, speed control can be used for enhancing the videos and adding something creative to your projects. So Kinemaster premium mod apk is a must to have application if you want to use Kinemaster premium at free of cost.

Features Of Kinemaster Mod Apk

If talking about features, then I can say no other android video editing application can provide more features than Kinemaster Mod Apk. Also, its user-friendly interface attracts users. People with little editing knowledge can make use of this application and can edit awesome videos.
So below I will be sharing some of the features of Kinemaster mod so that if any confusion arises in your mind regarding this, then it can be cleared out.


Edit Kinemaster


a) Multi-Layer Unlocked

As the term goes, multi-layer means adding as many layers you want. Layers such as adding text, images, gifs, or even another video can be done here without much difficulty. Adding multiple layers of media files thus helps to make the videos more awesome and realistic.

With the help of Kinemaster Mod Apk, one can make use of all these premium features for next-level editing. Now if you are facing any difficulty using the multilayer option then chill. There is no need to worry. I will be sharing steps too on how to use this feature.

KineMaster Mod Apk

i) First of all, open your installed Kinemaster Pro Mod from your device.
ii) Then click on the ‘+’ symbol, and after that click your preferred media by clicking the media option.
iii) Then click on the layer option and select the “Media” option over there.
iv) Later choose the preferred file from the device for further editing.
Interestingly, the multi-layer option supports both images and videos. Popular editing features like green screen editing can also be edited here.

b) Speed Control

The slow option is really an effective feature in terms of editing. Like if you are recording an act, then you can easily watch every detail of it by thus slowing the video and checking every detail of it.

Now you are thinking if this feature is only limited to this. Then “no”. One can fast forward the videos too. Thus slowing down, editing, cutting, pasting of any part of the video can be done with the help of Kinemaster unlocked mod apk.

The feature can be used as this only requires basic knowledge a nothing much. Some tips are mentioned below.
i) Open your video by navigating to Media Option
ii) Then select your video
iii) Click the ‘Speed Control’ button
iv) Choose speed as per your wish to start from 16x options.

c) Chroma Key Unlocked

This is another great feature of the Kinemaster Pro Mod application. In this module, one can change the background and any media layer can be made to transparent. Any green screen option can be chosen here along with chroma key option, thus making the process really simple.
This Green screen effect can be seen in many professional level editings. So for adding any VFX effects, this green screen turns out to be very useful.

Kinemaster chroma key

Some steps to use this application like a pro are given below –

i) Initially choose the media from the Media Option.
ii) Later just go to the Layer button and choose any green screen option at your convenience.
iii) Then by selecting the Layer video, just move to the Chroma key button and turn it on.
iv) To completely remove the green screen, the show mask option can be used.

Just one thing to keep in mind here is that the green screen effect only works in the layer media.

d) No Watermark

As because of the watermark, many professional editors don’t like to use the free version of any editing software. Here in Kinemaster too, the watermark is present so if you are looking for edits for the youtube channel, then the free version is not recommended as the watermark is present.
In this Kinemaster No watermark mod apk, there is no watermark present and so a user can make good use of it. In this Kinemaster app, the watermark is completely removed.
So a user here can edit videos with ease, and export high-quality videos without any watermark. Just one thing you have to do is to install the Kinemaster pro apk and run it.

e) High-Resolution Export Quality

People like videos of high quality. As videos contain many features that have detailed information, so high-quality videos are liked by all.
Like as seen, nowadays many YouTubers tend to record their videos in HD. In such cases, Kinemaster apk comes into play as this consist of such feature.

Well if you looking to export the videos in maximum quality then I can list some of its steps below –
After editing your video is done, then just click on the share option.
Then just choose your desired quality in which resolution you want to export.
The bitrate slider option can be used for more flexibility.

Finally, click on the ‘Export’ button.

Quality Audio Tools

Some Extra Features

Kinemaster Asset store unlocked
Full-screen mode is available
The transition of good quality is preinstalled
Different aspect ratio
Layer support of many types
Multi audio tracks supported

Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk Download 2020

As you are here, you must be looking for the download link. My sole purpose here is to share the download link with your people. The download link of Kinemaster Mod apk will be posted below. But as the saying goes, the more you wait, the sweeter is the fruit.
Many of you might be a regular user of the Kinemaster app and so I understand the importance of this application. So Without much delay, I am sharing the link for download.

How To Download And Install Kinemaster Pro Mod

Here in our Cyber Abhi blog, I tend to keep things simple. I understand people don’t like to waste their time so providing the download link in a simple way is very important. As the topic goes, I have a shared download link of Kinemaster premium mod apk. Below is some step by step points on downloading this Kinemaster premium mod apk.

KineMaster Mod Apk

Step 1 – First of all, the task is to click on the download link. This will lead you to the download page where the file is present.
2 Step – Now as you reached the location of the file, just click on Start Button and the download will start accordingly.
Step 3 – After the downloading process is completed, just open the downloaded file from the file manager.
Step 4 – If facing problems in installing the file then just go to the Settings area and click the ‘Allow from these sources’.
5 Step – After doing these just install the file. The installation duration may vary from device to device.

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People Also Ask(FAQs)

This blog post might have helped you as I have tried to discuss every detail about Kinemaster Mod Apk. Well, there still might be some questions running around your mind. I will try to answer a few more questions on Kinemaster Mod Apk. But still, if you feel like I have missed any point then do let me know in the comment section.

Is this Kinemaster pro mod apk safe?

Yes, this application is safe as stated by the developers. People might think that apk might be corrupted. Well if you still have some doubts regarding it, then you can check by any antivirus software.

Why error in Exporting videos?

This type of troubleshooting can be solved using the following process –

First and foremost is to Check either you are using the latest version of Kinemaster mod or not.
During the exporting process of this video screen recording application, Check if your device supports Kinemaster or not by navigating to Setting >> Device Capability Information
After doing the above, check whether the video file is corrupted or not.

Do I need to pay for this Kinemaster mod apk?

Not at all. This mod apk is bought for you and its sole purpose is to give access to the users free of cost. Kinemaster pro apk don’t ask for any money. All the features have been unlocked here and so there is no need for any purchase.

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How can I remove a watermark from Kinemaster?

If you have downloaded the Kinemaster mod apk then this problem is surely solved. This application provides the ultimate no watermark option.

Can I use this Kinemaster apk on an iOS device?

Truly speaking, you can use it on your IOS device too, but for that, you just have to get an extra application. Installation of the Cydia emulator is important for running this application.

Wrapping Up

Here I have shared the download link of Kinemaster mod apk. Using this application one can create great videos without the need of hiring anyone. One can solely carry out the editings with the help of this Kinemaster mod apk.

Also, my sole purpose in publishing this article is to provide the direct link of Kinemaster mod apk as no time will be wasted in searching the application.

If you liked this article then please share it with your friends.

Thank You.


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