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Instamp3 v1.0.4 May 2020 Latest Version Download

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Instamp3 v1.0.4 free download for Android



Instamp3 is a multimedia tool which is a free application and is used for searching audio files and files that are in mp3 format. Basically it means that if you are looking for songs to download that Instamp3 can be the best application for you.


Instamp3 v1.0.4




One just has to enter the name of the song or the artist’s name and the song will be displayed on the screen of Insta mp3.
With the advancement of technology, it’s not very difficult at present to search the music. With just a simple search or click, we can have access to millions of songs. Thus you can say that Insta mp3 is a great place for instamp3 320kbps downloads.




the free download works in a similar way. Currently, there are millions of users using this platform and searching millions of songs on a regular basis.
Applications such as Instamp3 are important because of the high demand for free online music. Music of all types of the genre is found here which will fit your taste.

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Music is like a basic need for most humans. May be any function or events, music is the key need for all. Either happiness or sadness, when you are throwing a party or organizing an event, music is a need for all. Instamp3 here acts as a weapon for you and can deliver with the best songs as per your needs. The latest songs are just a click away.

Advantages of Instamp3


Instamp3 does have a lot of advantages. As we have seen there are lots of websites that offer music download options. One of the irritating thing about them is that most of them are filled with advertisements which keep on redirecting the users to other sites. Ads do irritate us while listening to music because we listen to songs while we are in different types of moods. Music helps to revive all of our memories.

It is like bliss for all music lovers who are looking to have all of their music in one place of insta mp3. I have used some other such platforms too, but this one really gave me awesome results.

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Instamp3 helps to browse, play and download music at the same time. So this can be termed as the perfect destination for music lovers.
Although there are tools or features which provide a much better facility but at a chargeable amount. Now most of us don’t simply want to waste their hard-earned money. And so Instamp3 is great for such cases.


Features of Instamp3 free music downloader


Well, there are many excellent features provided by the Instamp3 which attracts the users. Some of its essential features are mentioned below.

a) Free Download of Music – As the web is filled with applications that provide excellent features but charge a particular amount at the same time, Instamp3 provides over a million songs at absolutely free of cost. The application Insta mp3 comes with an advanced link tracker which means one can download songs from anywhere or any blog by extracting their links. This application easily fetches the mp3 files from many sites and brings the best result possible.

b) Music of high quality – In this case of Instamp3, it offers download option of high quality. When a user presses the download button, then there show different download quality options. People can then chose the quality as per their needs and os this feature is a good one to have.

Features of Insta mp3

c) Inbuilt search feature – The search feature provides great convenience in searching the music of our choice. Scrolling to our desired location each time is indeed though and so search option plays an important role. This feature is similar to any web search engine as here we can type the name of any song, singer or band, and the result will automatically be shown on the screen.

d) Regular updates – Since the official website was taken down, the developers now started to give more importance to the application. As per this, they promise to provide the users which regular updates. On looking at the user’s requirements, the developers felt the need of introducing new versions frequently so that the users are not left behind.

e) Free/safe –  As per the documents provided, the company says that the application is safe to use and is usually safe. So this is a great platform to download the songs which collect details from many websites.

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Download Apk insta mp3

Downloading this file will meet your needs for music and reduce the trouble of searching songs over many websites. Also after the official site has been shut down, the application has gained its importance; firstly for its user-friendly interface and secondly for the convenience of finding songs. So in order to lessen your trouble of finding the right apk, we have found that for you.


How to download Instamp3 v1.0.4 apk


We have tried to make the downloading of this file as simple as possible. The main thing to keep in mind is that, as its an app file, it might show some warning while downloading. There is nothing to worry about here as it’s safe or else you can scan those files with your respected antivirus.


Downloading this file is really simple. Just click on the button given below and the download process will start automatically.



On clicking the button, a page opens on a new tab which consists of the file. Now here its real simple.


Download Icon
Download Icon


Click the download icon as seen in the above-given image. A pop up will appear and clicking ‘Ok’ starts the download process. The important thing here is that there is no sign up required.
The speed of the download may vary from browser to browser but the wait would surely be worthwhile.


How to install Instamp3 v1.0.4 apk


Installing the file is simple too. Well, some things to keep in mind here are its settings option.


Install File
Install File

As you are well aware now that this is an application from a third party, and so there are some settings that need to be changed.


Usually, our phone doesn’t allow downloads from the third party because of many reasons. Well if you want to download this Instamp3 then you just have to give permission to the phone to allow download/install applications from unknown sources.

Once this is done, the installation process will be started with ease without any interruption.


How to use Instamp3 v1.0.4 apk


Permissions for Instamp3
Permissions for Instamp3


On starting the Instamp3 v1.0.4 apk, its for permission. It asks the user to allow access to photos, media, and files of the device. That’s a pretty normal requirement from any application and the user can simply press “Allow” and then continue.


instamp3 home screen
instamp3 home screen


After this procedure is done, the home screen appears in front of the user. The interface is really simple and easy to use. If you are new to this app then also you can use this application.

The home screen consists of a search option which helps the user to search their preferred songs and from their favorite singers. The applications have access to many websites which thus helps to search the songs quite efficiently.


Insta mp3 Search Results
Search Results


Above shown are the results displayed after the search is done. Now here you have two options. Either to listen or download the song. Well, you can do both as there is no restriction on it.


Insta mp3 Downloading Songs
Downloading Songs


On clicking the cloud type icon as shown in the above image, the different download options will appear.


Insta mp3 Download Quality
Download Quality


Here three types of quality options are found. The quality options consist of ‘Standard audio quality’, ‘High audio quality VIP’, and ‘Super audio quality VIP’.

Now you might ask if we download the songs in Instamp3 v1.0.4 apk, then from where we can access those.

On the home screen, as shown in the below image there is an icon on the top left corner.


Insta mp3
Homescreen Instamp3


Just press the icon and then a screen will appear.



Insta mp3 My downloads



Here an option as My Download will appear. Hence all our downloaded songs will appear here and so we can enjoy our songs from here.

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Is using Instamp3 safe?

Well as its an app so our website cant guaranty anything. But as per the company, they ensure that Instamp3 is safe to use and so it is good if you download or listen to songs using this application.

Is instamp3 free tool?

Yes, this is a free tool which means you can download it, and it’s ready to use. Many people use it at absolutely no cost.

Wrapping Up

Above are some features of Instamp3 along with a download link. The link provide is a direct download link and so you don’t have to waste your time in searching for a perfect download link.

Please share it with your friends too.

Thank You.


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