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Hello friends, guys today we will talk to you about How to write SEO friendly blog posts. Friends, if you are a blogger and want to rank your article, then it is very important. That you write your post-SEO Friendly Because as long as your article is not Seo friendly. Until then it will not rank in google. So if you also want to rank your post on Google’s first page, do not worry, today we will tell you this in this article. How to get SEO friendly article and how to get your article to google first page So do not take too much time to talk about some of the tips that you can use to easily rank your blog in Google. And know How to write SEO friendly blog Posts.

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How to write SEO friendly blog posts

So today we will give you some tips that will help you rank your article on Google. So let’s talk about how to write SEO Friendly Article on a blog.

# 1 keyword research for blog posts

Writing SEO Friendly Article is most important that you research Keyword properly for your post. If you do not know what is keyword and What is keyword research. So the topic on which you write your own article is your keyword. As you wrote in Google, “How to promote Blog on Facebook” and this is your keyword. Therefore, research your keyword for better research. When doing keyword research, keep one thing in mind that always choose the same keyword that has less competition. This will make it easier for you to rank your article on google.

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# 2 title optimization

To write your post-SEO Friendly, it is important that your keyword should be in your title. And what your keyword should be in your post title first It should not be that you keep your keyword separate and give the title something else. This will not rank your post. So to keep your post SEO friendly, put your Focus keyword in the title first.

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# 3 SEO Friendly Permalink

When you give a title to your post, its permalink means the URL of your post. It gets automatic generated. Which is not SEO Friendly. To make your post permalink SEO friendly, it is necessary to always keep it Custom. So you can always change it accordingly.

# 4 Use keyword in Post headings

When you write your article, please give some headings in it, it will be easy for visitors to read. And do not forget to give your keyword in those some main headings. This will keep your keyword highlighted. And use your keyword as well as use some related keyword in the headings. So that your article could rank fast in Google. With this, do some words bold, italic in your article. This will increase the beauty of your article.

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# 5 Keyword in Paragraph

To write a post on your blog SEO Friendly, please give Keyword 1-2 times in the first paragraph of your post. And also highlight those keywords. This will make your post SEO friendly. And rank quickly in Google.

# 6 Use Photo / Video in post

To make your post-SEO Friendly, use Photo and Video in your post. Some people use Image and Video in their posts but SEO does not do it properly. Use the image or video in your post as well as do the exact way to do SEO. Many people will ask how to do SEO of Image, Customize your image. Which means its size will work. And give this image a name to be similar to the keyword of your post. Now after uploading this image to your post, it will give an alt name. You can use your keyword in it.

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# 7 Post Description

Post your article as you type it and post Description in it. For any post, its description is very important. Post description is that. When someone searches for something in google, then there are some lines written in it with the title of that post. That’s the description of that post. So to post your article as SEO Friendly and to rank it on google, it’s important to write a post Description.

# 8 Use Internal Links in Post

Certain internal links must be used in your post. The topic you are typing on your post. If you got an article in your post, matching the same post. Then give their links. This will allow users to stay on your website for a long time and your website’s bounce rate will also be reduced.

# 9 Use External Links in Post

When writing a post, you must also use some external links with internal links. External links mean any other website’s links to your website. Always use high-quality links in your post. And give links to your posts as soon as possible. This will increase your website rank in Google too. Always avoid links to any wrong website.

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# 10 Post Length

Whenever you write a post, try to post it from 1,000 to 1,200 words. The more posts the word will rank as soon as possible. With this, also keep in mind that your content should be of high quality. Write the same in your post which is necessary. Do not add lines to spare. This will irritate the user. And will leave your website. By which the bounce rate will increase and Google will lower your website’s ranking. So always write a good article.

# 11 Use Tag in a Post

After writing your post and after properly SEO it is possible to meet your keyword and use keywords as a tag. This will also help your post rank in google. Use 3 to 4 tag for your post. Do not use more tags.

# 12 Keep Readability Good

Keep your post’s readability good. The easier it will be for the user to understand your content as easy as possible. So keep the readability of your post good. If you are a WordPress user, you can use a plugin called Yoast SEO plugin to check Readability. This is a free plugin. You can check the readability of your post by using it. This is a very nice plugin that almost all WordPress users use.

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Friends In this article, we talked to you about How to write SEO friendly blog Posts. With this in this article, we also told you about 12 tips for writing SEO Friendly Articles. So we hope you have liked this article. If you liked this article, please do this article and share it. If you have any questions or suggestions that you would like us to give, leave us a comment below, or mail us.

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