How to save Google Adsense from disabled – 5 Tips

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How to save Google Adsense from disabled: Hello friends Today, we will talk to you about how to save Google AdSense from disabled 5 tips. In today’s time, every person wants to earn money online. Online is a way to earn money by Google Adsense, so that person can earn money online. To make money from this you must have a youtube channel. Or you should have your website. So that you can show Google ads on your website or on your YouTube channel through Google Adsense. And the person starts to make many mistakes in the same way as Google Adsense. Because of which Google Adsense account is either suspended for a few months. Or is disabled forever. So if any of your Adsense accounts have been disabled, today we will give you some tips that will prevent you from disabling your Google Adsense account.

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Google Adsense is Save or not?

Many people also have a question about whether Google AdSense is saved. Should they give their payment details to Google AdSense? If you think so, then let us know that Google AdSense is completely saved. Because this product belongs to Google itself Which is one of the world’s largest companies. No big company would ever want that the user’s data go to another company. Therefore, he does not make any such mistake, so that he can do harm. Google AdSense provides strong security for this. So that the user’s data is not leaked.

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How to save Google AdSense from disabled 5 Tips

Now let’s talk about how to save Google Adsense from disabled. Now let’s talk about the tips that you can avoid having your Google AdSense disabled. So today we are going to talk about the tips. Read them carefully and understand them. So that you make any mistake in using Google AdSense. So do not take too much time to talk about how to save Google AdSense from the disabled.

1. Do not Copy of anyone content

Some people start collecting money from anybody’s material and start putting them in their website or blog. If you also pick up content from a website and put it in your website Or editing it or even part of it in its article. So it is against the policy of Google AdSense. If you do not want your Google AdSense account to be disabled. So do not ever do that. It is also a crime. This will not only disable your Google AdSense account, but your website will also go down. Because Google keeps your entire website and monitors. And also scans your content. So do not put anybody’s content on your website.

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2. Don’t click on ads by self

When the person comes in the new – new online earning field. So he starts thinking about earning money as soon as possible. And he starts clicking on his own ads. Or speak to their family or friends to click on ads. That is why Google gets to know this. Whereby you lose your Google AdSense account. If you do not want your Google AdSense account to be disabled. So do not do it. Do genuine work. Google thinks far ahead of us So never think that you can earn money by clicking on Google Ads. If not today so tomorrow your account will definitely be disabled. So do not make such a mistake.

3. Fill the Invalid Activity Form

Many times it happens that you do your YouTube channel or blog too much and your earning is fine too. But sometimes it happens that someone else comes to your website or channel and clicks invalid. So even if it happens on your website too. So you can complain about this to Google Adsense. You have to submit a form to Google Adsense. So that you can stop your Google Adsense Account by invalid click activity.

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4. Do not place ads on Unverified website

Many people think that by taking the approval of Adsense on any one website, putting their ads on another website. So let us know that Google Adsense has already changed its terms and conditions much earlier. Now you have to go to Google Adsense and go to each of your websites and get it verified. After that, you can also show ads on your second website. And if you do not use Google Adsense ads in any of your websites without verified your website so more chance your disability account has to be disabled. So do not do so too.

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5. Read and follow all the rules of Adsense

If you use Adsense So it is very important for you to know it. That’s what its policy is. Because every company has some policies that we should follow. Do not forget to read the policy before using Google AdSense. Read every point carefully and understand it. If you are having difficulty understanding a point, then translate it with the help of Google Translator. And then try to understand it.

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