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home based jobs

Home based work. Some Online jobs for housewives sitting at home.

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Home-based work is something every housewife is searching for. Sometimes it is seen that housewives have a lot of spare time but are not on how to use it is a proper way. Home-based work is a good way to earn as one can work as per their convenience.

Usually, in most cases, it is seen that after giving birth to a baby, the ladies have to part ways from their regular 9-5 jobs. As we know, it is not easy to manage both the baby and the job at the same time. We know how children are, so we can’t leave that alone too at homes.
In this situation, online jobs for housewives sitting at home can really turn out to be profitable. Here, housewives can easily work from their comfort places in home-based work and earn according to the work done.

Also, the fact that at present most of the ladies are talented and are capable of leading a life as per their wish. Being self-independent is the dream of many and can be achieved with determination and passion. Home-based work helps them achieve such dreams. In my real life too, I have suggested my below tips to some and most of us are having a good living at present.

In this digital era, where any knowledge can be acquired within seconds, it would be very unwise if we don’t capitalize on this opportunity.
In this article, we will be discussing Online jobs for housewives sitting at home.

Advantages of Online jobs for housewives sitting at home

Well, there are many advantages of jobs for housewives sitting at home.
Some pros of Online jobs for housewives sitting at home discussed below.

1. In home-based work, one can easily carry out the work from their comfort zones. There is no requirement of physical appearance in such types of works.
2. You can continue the work as per any time table as no workload is present.
3. In a self-owned business, there are no deadlines for submitting the projects. For example, a guest or any function occurs at your residence, then you can simply skip your work for that day.

4. Earning a good side income from home-based work can really help them to contribute to the family financially.
5. I guess this is the field where your qualification doesn’t matter. If you have the passion along with dedication then one can really go long here.
6. There is no limitation of earning here as one can earn as much as they want.

7. Jobs for housewives sitting at home is totally safe as no investment is required.
8. A woman sitting at home can take good care of their children and carry out their work at the same time.
9. If you have a computer then you are ready to go, as the only expense required here is electricity and internet bills.


Below is a video showing the advantages of home based work :


Some Online jobs for housewives sitting at home

Home-based work


home based work
home based work

Blogging is one of the best Online jobs for housewives sitting at home. It is the field whereon can really bring out the creativity and can work as per their field of interest. Many housewives who find it tough to manage time opts for blogging as it can be done from anywhere.

Taking about niches then there are many niches to choose from. One can opt for a technology niche, cooking niche, entertainment niche, education niche, gaming niche, etc, and many more.
Blogging is termed as the best Online jobs for housewives sitting at home due to its simplicity.

Now talking about starting a blog, then the process is really simple. A platform required for our articles. Two of the most popular platforms at present are Blogspot and WordPress.
One can easily go for their free services and start blogging there but if one aims for a long-term career, then it is good for the paid features.

Choosing a domain is one of the most important tasks here. As the outer appearance tells a lot about a home, similarly a domain tells a lot about the blog. Choosing a domain related to your preferred niche is really important.

Then comes the task of choosing a hosting service. There are many providers present and you can choose any service according to your requirements and budget.
Although both the platforms i.e Blogspot and WordPress are good, I would prefer to go with WordPress as it provides a huge amount of additional features. It consists of a lot of plugins and customization features which will help in better optimization of the blog.
How to make money from the blog

a) Google Adsense

Well, there are many ways by which you can monetize the blog or make money from it. One of the most popular ads serving platform is google Adsense.
There are some requirements that need to be followed while applying for Google Adsense. The blog must have around 15-20 posts along with 5-6 important pages. Web traffic is not that important but it’s better to have a good amount of traffic from the beginning.

b) Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing done well can help to earn a huge amount of money. And if you have a blog with a good amount of visitors, then you can easily boost your earnings 5x times.
The best way to promote an affiliate product is to write a dedicated article regarding that particular product and paste the link of our affiliate product in between the article. This way the visitors get value in terms of knowledge which may result in an increased number of sales.

There are many other ways that can help us earn a good amount through blogging. The above mentioned are two popular ways that can help in the long run.

2. Become a Youtuber

Home-based work

Becoming a YouTuber can result in one of the best Online jobs for housewives sitting at home. Youtube is the most popular video-sharing platform at present.
Due to digitalization and internet speeds being improved, the audience is gradually shifting towards the video contents. So speaking about scopes in this field, then it’s the best time to start and grow in this platform.

Similar to blogging, here too people can choose their preferred niche and start working accordingly. It is always recommended to choose a niche of your interest, because if you are not interested in the topic then you may feel lazy to work and quit soon.

Like if one has an interest in cooking, then she can share tutorials on how to make a delicious dish. Similarly, niches like beauty, family maintenance, sharing facts are presently on-trend.
Starting with a youtube channel is really simple. One just has to sign u with the google account and set the channel name and you are ready to go. Then gradually you can customize your channel like adding images, covers, description, about, etc.

Like blogging, here too people have to follow SEO to rank their videos. You can easily learn about ranking a youtube video as there are plenty of tutorials present on the Internet.

How to make money from Youtube

Making money on youtube needs patience but once we maintain our consistency and continue making money then we can really make good money.
According to the new update, we have to achieve at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch-time before applying for Google Adsense. On completing the requirements we can apply for Google AdSense and display ads on our site.

Apart from this, we can also continue with affiliate marketing and promote products. One can also perform brand collaboration which has good earning. If your channel starts ranking and you receive a good amount of view, them companies will surely approach you for promoting their products, and then you can charge according to your requirements.
It is an option for jobs for housewives sitting at home.

3. Content Writing

content writing
content writing

If you love writing or have a good grip over a language than it is among the best jobs for housewives sitting at home. I can understand that sometimes it might be difficult to start a blog or manage a youtube channel.
In this case, you can always opt for freelance content writing. There are many startups or companies that are looking for quality writers. If you can write well-optimized unique articles than surely you can make a good living. Companies are willing to pay high rates too, for good writing projects.

Creative content writers have a high demand in this field. Some news websites need articles on a regular basis and so one can work for them and make good money.
Some websites where you can start your freelance writing career are Fiverr, freelancer, up work, etc. Just upload your gig there and then you will receive orders according to your work.

Usually, our creativity comes out during the night, so I prefer this as one of the best jobs for housewives sitting at home as they can take care of their kids during the day and carry out their work at night.
Other than the above-mentioned websites, one can also join platforms such as Linkedin and upload their resumes over there and thus be hired and carry out their home-based work.

4. Online Tutoring Jobs

If you have the teaching skills but left the tutor’s jobs after the birth of your kids then it’s among the best online jobs for housewives sitting at home.
It is said that if you have the skills than one can excel in any field. Mostly it is seen that housewives provide offline tuitions to the neighbor kids at a fixed amount. SImilarly here we can provide our teachings online and can charge on a per hour basis.

The advantage here is that, in this home-based work, we have the opportunity of teaching a large number of students at a time, without the trouble of accommodating them at one place.
With the experience and grip over any particular subject, you can then easily increase your rates.
Websites like tutor.com offer jobs for tutors. Once you signup, you are ready to. There are more places too where you can offer your services.

5. Selling products online

Done right then selling a product can result in online of profitable jobs for housewives sitting at home. Now you may think what products are you going to sell right?
Products can be of any sort – either physical or digital products.

One can also go with handicrafts or hand made designs. People look for designs for birthday parties, marriage parties, etc. You can easily make good designs and provide them with the designs and earn a handsome amount.
Talking about types of products, there are usually two types of products and they are listed below.

Home-based work

a) Physical Products

This generally refers to the products that are used in our daily life. Products such as artworks, hand-made crafts, paper designs, or hand-woven clothes.

Other products too like electronics, beauty products, fitness products, furniture can also be sold online.
One can easily get products from the wholesale sellers and sell them individually at higher rates.
Well, you can also go for affiliates or sell physical products, considering the profit margin. If you are receiving good profits on selling physical products that you can stick to it.

b) Digital Products

If you have knowledge about any particular topic than you can easily write an ebook about it and place it for sale. Also if interested in cooking or a fitness freak then you can make videos on it and easily sell the copies online.

One can easily promote the products through their social media profiles or blogs. Initially, it is always better to go for no investment techniques and thus can turn out to be good home-based work or good Jobs for housewives sitting at home.

6. Offline/Online Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry jobs are great home-based work to earn some good money. It is among the popular online Jobs for housewives sitting at home because one can easily use their typing skills and make their living.
I am talking about the typing speed because the faster you type the more projects you can complete per day and the more revenue one can generate.

I mentioned offline data entry jobs because there are many cases of fraud in the online field for this matter.
There are many companies or institutes that require people who can perform the task of data entry without any grammatical mistakes.

In this field, it is recommended to have a proper cross-check of the background of the company where you will be going to work. Housewives can easily complete their work sitting at home as its usually a home-based work and then submitted their tasks according to the timings mentioned.
The same is the case on the online side. Good research is important before working anywhere just to be on the safer side.

7. Video editing jobs

As the world is progressing along with the internet, people are slowly moving from text-based information to video-based information. Also as the data prices dropped, the audience tends to go for video-based information. So its always better to go with the flow and implement the skills of video editing.
There are many platforms where one can opt to work and earn a huge amount.
Video editing is a cool home-based work and housewife of any age can bring out there creatively and design some awesome videos.

Well, I recommend having a pc with good specifications because some software for video editing might not run well if we have a low specs pc.
Some websites like Fiverr, freelancer.com offers good opportunities for such talents to come out and earn well at the same time. There are many clients on those websites, and you can provide your services.

Also, some industries provide works for such people. Quality is always the key and if one works to the expectations than surely you gonna shine in your field of work.
Video editing is one of the best online Jobs for housewives sitting at home.

8. Online Courses

 jobs for housewives sitting at home
jobs for housewives sitting at home

Online courses; another awesome home-based work. We know that some people have good communication or teaching skills. For example – in a school or university, we often come across different types of teachers. Some are those who tend to make a simple subject complex, as they lack teaching skills whereas there are some teachers who just explain the complex problems with ease. Students to find it beneficial to acquire knowledge from those teachers.

Housewives can do this similar task online. The important thing to keep in mind here is that people would only follow you when you understand their problems and solve it in a simple procedure.

It can be termed as one of the best online Jobs for housewives sitting at home because housewives can easily record videos staying at home. It’s better to record videos at good quality along with engaging content so that the audience doesn’t get bored.

Some websites which offer to upload courses for selling are Udemy, Lynda, Coursera, etc. Well, there are many more such websites where you can upload and sell your courses.
Sharing your personal experiences regarding the topic, would make the course more catchy and keep the audience engaged.

9) Ads Manager

Talking about online Jobs for housewives sitting at home at the present time, then Ads manager has a crucial part in it. The task of an Ads manager is basically to manage the Advertisements for any blog, page or channel.
For example, it is often seen that bloggers are always after SEO in order to rank their sites and earn traffic. So most of their time is consumed in determining the SEO strategies. Now the problem that arises with them is that some keywords require advertisements in order to rank on google as the organic competition is high. In such cases, they hire people who have good knowledge of managing ads.

Popular ads displaying platforms at present are Google and Facebook. Youtubers too, hire Ads manger in order to grow their channel through displaying Ads.
Some companies too hire such people in order to sell their products. At present, around one-third of the population uses social media and so one just can’t ignore the potential of such platforms. Displaying Ads on Facebook can help make a good ROI on selling any products.

Thus being a housewife, this can be a great home-based work and make a handsome amount at the end of the task.

10) Virtual Assistant

 jobs for housewives sitting at home
jobs for housewives sitting at home

Virtual Assistant is a home-based work as the word virtual says it all. We all know what an assistant does. It takes care of the various crucial matters of people they are working under. For being a virtual assistant, one has to have a good knowledge of many tasks such as growing a social media handle, managing pages, displaying ads, customizing posts, etc, and many more.

It is among the great online Jobs for housewives sitting at home and one can earn as much as to make a superb living. if you possess the awesome skills, you can approach any website or company and show them your resume or work experience.
If one is skilled then there would be no issue in acquiring the place.
As per my personal experience, I have seen many people who earn in huge amount nad travel abroad too. So its recommended to pull up the sleeves and start your journey soon for a bright career.


Above mentioned are some online Jobs for housewives sitting at home. Well, there are many more such jobs but the above mentioned are some of the popular ones. It always better to keep connected to the trend.

One thing about home-based work or any type of work is that, if you take it casually than your clients may stop giving you projects and you might also lose the jobs. So hard work and dedication is really a key factor here.
Tasks are never very easy, because if that was really simple that all people would be rich in this world. Talent combined with dedication is what helps to keep going.
And lastly, I wanna conclude my post wishing everyone a successful career.
Thank You.

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