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GBWhatsapp Apk Download v9.1 Latest Version Working

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GBWhatsapp Apk Download v9.1 Latest Version


GBWhatsapp Apk Download – At present billions of people use the WhatsApp platform to share messages, images, videos, etc It is the most popular messaging platform present now.

All people who are on the Internet must have used this messaging tool. Same as the original version, GBWhatsapp Apk Download also consists of the same type of features but the thing here is it consists of some extra features.

GBWhatsapp Apk

Also, this mod apk has features that will help in keeping in the chatting secure i.e your chattings will not be known by any other people.
As of now the GBWhatsapp Apk or in sort known as GBWA is very popular. In this mod apk, all the latest features are added so that there is no need of searching for the features elsewhere. So if you download this application then it will comfortably run on your device and work smoothly.

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In this article, I will be sharing the feature related to this mod apk along with the direct download link. I have seen people waste their time searching for the direct download link and so for this to save your precious time I am providing the direct download link.

Also, another thing is that thus GBWhatsapp Apk is that this application is not available in the google play store. So if you search it in google play store then you will not find it. But not to worry as in the latter part of this article, I will share the direct download link about this application.
With time, this application has increased its popularity. Many people tend to opt for this application because of some extra features it contains.


What is GBWhatsapp Apk?


GBWhatsapp Apk is basically a third party application that contains some added extra features of WhatsApp. It is seen that in GBWA the features contained are a lot more as compared to the original version. Whatsapp, as we all know, is a messaging tool that lets us send messages to people around the globe. But that’s not it. Along with the messages, we can add images, videos, stickers, gifts, etc and many more.

Mod App

In GBWA too, there are all the features from the original version of Whatsapp but what makes it different is that there are some extra features too. The security options such as fingerprints, screen locks, pattern locks, etc are all available here as the original version.

Many advance features can be enabled here in GBWA such as hiding typing part, turning off video call, and some more features too.


Features of GBWhatsapp Apk


As already discussed the introduction of this application, you have now already understood how useful this application is. Now talking about its features, then there are a set of features that makes this application really useful.

1, Autoreply – This feature is really useful in keeping the people engaged. Sometimes we are busy at works and can’t reply to people. In such cases, this auto-reply feature can be used. With the help of this feature, one can automatically set the message they want to send and the messages will be sent in their absence.
Also, this feature can be used if you running any business and don’t want to disappoint your clients.

2. DND – It happens that sometimes we are engaged in some works and so don’t want to reply to the messages. So in such cases, the DND feature can be used so that so message notification will be received,
Also if you playing any games then this feature can be applied as so disturbance will have occurred while gaming.

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3. Text Message Broadcast – This is another great feature in this GBWA. Using it we can send messages to a large number of groups. In case of any marriage or birthday invitation, this feature can be used to provide information to everyone.

4. Hide Pop up notification – Yes you heard it right. You can hide the notifications of messages here. As while we work we often feel irritated by the notifications, so it’s really a great option.

5. Notifications – This feature lets a user send a person or the groups about your activity. Like if we change any profile picture or something, then we can send that to other people as a notification.

6. Language – Here you can change the language as per your desired one. Also, the option of selecting a language according to the desired country is also available.

7. Hide Status – It is obvious that people don’t want to share their status with everyone. Sometimes we have to add our relatives. So to hide the status from them, there is an option to hide the status of people.

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8. Delete Messages – Somethings we mistakenly send messages to other people and we feel uneasy about what they will think about us. So here one can delete the sent messages. It has a time limit of some minutes.

9. Share live locations – If visiting any unknown city we never been before, for such cases, this feature can be used. According to this, we can share our live location on where we are and so ask for directions on where to go.

10. Share documents – Whatsapp is not only limited to the sharing of images, videos only. We can send various document files such as excel, pdf, etc.

11. Hide last seen – We can hide last seen of the messages from the settings area. This is really helpful when we are busy and don’t have enough time to reply to people.

12. Status length – It is seen that in the official Whatsapp version, a person can write up to limited words, but here in GBWA, one can send the status of comparatively more words than the official Whatsapp.

13. Size Limit – There is no worry of limitations in file sending. Here one can send files of up to 30MB.

14. Download – There are no limitations in downloads too as many files can be downloaded at a time.


Download GBWhatsapp Apk


So the time has come for me to share the GBWhatapp Apk. In below we are sharing



App Name GBWhatsapp Apk
Size 54 MB
Version v9.1
App By GBMod
Join Telegram





How to install GBWhatsapp Apk


The installation process of this GBWhatsapp Apk is real simple and no tough steps are available. And as we have provided the direct download link, so there should not be any problem in downloading the application.

Note – The important thing to notice here is that you have to allow the installation of unknown files. This can easily be done by going to the Settings area and Allowing the downloads from unknown sources.

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The steps for the installation of GBWhatsapp Apk –
Step 1 – First of all download the file from the above-given link. As soon as you click on the link, the download process will start automatically.
Step 2 – Once the file is downloaded, go to the file manager, select the file and click on Install. (If you followed the steps written in Note then there should not be any problem while downloading.
Step 3 – Once the installation is done then you are ready to use this GBWhatsapp Apk. Cheers


Wrapping Up


In this article, I have provided all the features that are present in the GBWhatsapp Apk along with the direct download link.

If you liked this article then do share it with your friends.

Thank You.

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