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Choices Mod Apk v2.7.3 [Unlimited Keys/Diamonds]

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Choices Mod Apk: Do you prefer to read stories? Well who does not likes it. Especially if the stories are related to horror, love, or funny stories.

Since our childhood, we have been attached to stories for many reasons. Choices: Stories You Play (MOD Apk) is one of the great application which helps to get access to unlimited stories in just a click away. As it is often said that it thus takes a single choice to change everything.

Choices do let you pick from the various collection it possesses. Many stories such as romance, drama, horror, fantasy, and another such type of stories are available here. It is really a simple application and once you choose your character you can really get going.

choices mod apk

As you know, for accessing any premium features on has to perform some in-game purchases. Choices do have stories but to access more stories, one has to purchase the premium. One has to get or purchase the keys and diamonds so as to reopen episodes and characters.

There is a free way to get those keys and diamonds. But the thing here is that one can only collect five diamonds at a time and it’s really time-consuming.
As everything has a solution, this problem of yours also has a solution. In this article, I will provide the direct download link of Choices mod apk 2020 which will provide unlimited keys and diamonds.

What Is Choices Mod Apk

Choices Mod Apk is basically a modded version of Choices that lets you to an unlimited version of stories. This mod version consists of many premium features such as free choices, unlimited money, unlimited diamonds, and many such features. These features are enough for a game to be worth it.

There are many awesome things that are available here in this choice mod apk. Some of them are mentioned below.
– This application has an unlimited collection of romance, drama, horror, fantasy stories.
– The main character can be customized as per your wish.
– There is a unique story for each character so you cannot be bored here.
– Resume any chapter from any point
– You can get the priority to access the newly released books.
– Lets you be in any this choice mod apk has stories of every type.

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The application is really simple. Just choose any main character and start making decisions. Decisions like living life, finding new friends, meeting new people, finding a perfect partner, etc, and many more. Also as everyone dreams of, one can get into the fantasy world and fight evil.
There are many characters present in this game and each character indeed has their own story. So its better if we experience all, one at a time. Exploring the characters thus gives us a new experience of playing the game.

Choices Mod Apk Features

Choices are indeed one of the best storytelling games at present. The game really has a huge collection of stories so a user never really gets bore while playing it.
In this time of quarantine, this application can be a good mode to pass your time. The stories shared here is quite interesting and am sure that many users gonna love this. Below mentioned are some of the features offered by choices modded application. Do check them out if you want to know about it in detail.

a) Customizing Character
Customizing character in any game is really important in any game as it gives a very own look to our gaming. The same is the case here in choices apk as you will be able to customize your very own character.
One the initial stage i.e on starting the game, it will ask for character customization. One can easily do it without any difficulty.
Some customization options offered here are skin color, hairstyles, face shape, hairs, etc. With your own creating an awesome character can be developed here.

I personally customize my characters in many ways of ways for a better experience while gaming.

b) Various Adventures
There are unlimited adventures in this version of Various Adventures. Stories like love, fantasy, and horror and be experienced here.
This game is really filled with adventures with various roles and characters. The only place you need to work is choosing a character so that you can manage the character’s life, job, and couple partner, etc.

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c) Unlimited Stories Collection
As discussed earlier, Choices mod has an unlimited number of stories related to different niches. The chapters and series in this game can be browsed by the users. Also in choices mod apk, one can select a story and watch it chapter wise.
The game is really simple and can be easily played by any player.

d) Ad-free
This can be one of the relaxing features in this game. Advertisements can be very annoying while playing any game. This version of Choices has no ads and so and people can play this game without any interruptions.
Advertisements do spoil our mood in between the game and so its always better to try Choices mod apk, for a better experience.

e) Unlimited Keys and Diamonds
This can be one of the best features as we can always have the need for keys and diamonds. In this game too, for unlocking the stories or chapters the keys and diamonds are required.
Well as you know, these are paid and it will surely require investment. But in this mod version, all these features are available for free and so it is downloaded by many.

Stories Of Choices Mod Apk

As you know, this application has a collection of stories. Many users tend to get this application for these awesome sets of stories. All the stories are simple and in a basic mode and can be well narrated by new users.

THE FRESHMAN – This story revolves around Hartfeld University. This story revolves around meeting new people, making new friends falling in love with classmates, etc. Some other characters here are bookish James, party girl Kaitlyn, football hero Chris and the game suggest falling in love with them at once.

THE CROWN & THE FLAME – This story is related to your enemies who stole your kingdom. With the due course of time, it is required to build a new empire and defeat your enemy and take back the kingdom.

PERFECT MATCH – This is a very exciting one. You can easily pair up or make a pair here and fall in love gradually.

Download this application

Below is the direct download link of Choices Mod Apk



choices mod apk


How to Install Choices Mod Apk on Android?

The guide for the installation of this application is given below.

Note – The permission for the installation of unknown files should be allowed. Just go to the settings area and thus it can be easily done from there.

Step 1 – Download the application from the link given above. The download gradually starts once clicked.
Step 2 – Once the file is downloaded, go to the file manager, select the file, and click on Install.
Step 3 – Once the installation is done then you are ready to use this Choices Mod Apk.

Also, remember to remove the previously installed application before downloading this app.
Enjoy the premium version of this application at absolutely no cost.

Wrapping Up

In this article, I have shared the direct download link of Choices Mod Apk along with some details about it. I have shared the direct download which means that if you click on the link of download then the downloading of the application with start automatically.
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