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Candy Crush Saga mod apk Latest Version[100% Working]

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Candy Crush Saga mod apk Latest Version



Candy Crush Saga mod apk is one of those games which has a large fanbase. People of all age groups love to play this awesome game.

Either in class breaks or lunch breaks, one can play this game for some refreshment. It is often found that, when we work for a long time, then we stress a bit. In order to take off those stress, this game is a good option.

Candy Crush Saga mod apk is a single-player game that is one player that can play this game at a time. Well, that’s not a problem as it will not bring any difference in your gameplay.

In this particular article, I will be sharing the direct download link of Candy Crush Saga mod apk. A direct download link means that you can easily download this file without any difficulty.

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This mod apk consists of unlimited lives, boosters, lives, etc. Also in downloading this application, one has access to unlock all the levels and episodes at no cost.
This game is a good thriller having a good storyline. The great storyline keeps the users interested so that they keep on playing this game.


Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk


From the release of this game, it has attained a special position in the hearts of the players. Whenever there is a talk about puzzle games, then Candy Crush Saga is one everybody talks about.
This game takes you to the magical land of delicious candies with lots of adventures in it. Also visiting wonderful places can be experienced here using this game.

There are some paid features of this game too but downloading this mod apk gives you access to the premium features at no cost.
At present, there are a huge number of active downloads for this application which is really great.


What is Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk?


Candy Crush at present is one of the most popular puzzle-solving games available for android. People from all around the globe play this game.

One can score points here by joining or matching 3 or more candies. Once you complete the required tasks then you are promoted to the next level.


Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk


The most you think well, the faster the level is completed.
Also, the reason for getting this mod is that the premium features are unlocked and so people can enjoy it without paying anything.


Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk Features


1. Play 6000+ Levels

Yes, you heard it right. This mod application has a total of 6000+ levels. It is a great number and a user can have full fun of this game by this. In the normal mode, there are comparatively fewer levels but in the mod version, the numbers of levels available are high.
Just welcome yourself in the world of delicious candies and solve the best level puzzles.

2. 3 match gameplay

Candy Crush Saga mod apk is basically 3-match gameplay or puzzle. It thus means that a user must at least match 3 candies to score points. There are different colors present and a user can match a pair of any three colors for scores.

3. Various level

This game consists of various levels which are amazing. The levels of this game go from easy to hard which makes the player access the game according to and level up their game accordingly.
In the initial level, the game in an easy mode and the level gets completed easily. But once the level gets higher, the difficulty gets on the game.

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4. Daily Rewards

There is a spin every day and so a user can make use of this to in daily rewards.
Users can win free tasty rewards and the time-limited challenges give free boosters.

5. Sugar-Coated Challenges

The candies out there seem delicious and so keeps any user attracted. The challenges are sugar-coated and thus take you to a new adventure of candies.

6. Play online and offline

This Candy Crush Saga mod apk can be also played in both online and offline modes. In offline mode, one can play and earn points and then share the results with your friends.
Sharing results is fun as you can see and access to how many more points you have to score.

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Some extra features of Candy Crush Saga mod apk


Well, there are many extra features too contained in this game. Some are listed below –

a) Normal moves
b) Unlimited lives
c) Unlock dreamworld
d) Unlock All episodes
e) Unlock All levels
f) Moonstruck active to the end of the level
i) Brush booster available: 1 time/level



Download Candy Crush Saga mod apk


As I said, I will be providing the direct download link of Candy Crush here. Any user can just press on the link and download the respective file.



App NameCandy Crush Mod APK
Size91 MB
Last UpdatedApril,2020
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How to Install Candy Crush Saga mod apk?


Before downloading this Candy Crush mod apk one thing you should keep in mind is that you should uninstall the previously downloaded Candy Crush Saga on your device.

Note: Allow the installation of unknown applications from the settings area.

The steps for downloading are

1) The first step is of course to download the apk. Then just click apk file and the install option will appear.
2) The installation process will start automatically. The duration of the installation depends on various factors such as processors, ram, etc.
3) Once installing the Candy Crush Saga mod apk you are ready to go.


Wrapping Up


Well in this article I have shared the download link of Candy Crush Saga mod apk. The article has also covered up the various features offered by this application.

If you liked this article then please share it with your friends too.

Thank You.

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