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BYJU’S is a learning application consisting of courses for various classes. The courses are arranged in a systematic order for the students so that they understand better. The videos of various subjects according to their classes are available here.

BYJU’S The Learning App Mod has grown its importance real soon. Anything which is informative or gives value to the users is appreciated by all. Using it for school going students then this app has been very effective. At present, there are millions of users for this application. The learning process is made simple here.

BYJU'S Premium Apk

I too used this Byju application for my studies during my school days. The videos are very informative are explained in a simpler way so as to understand better.
In this article, I will be sharing the direct download link of BYJU’S Mod Apk

What is BYJU’S – The Learning App?

BYJU’S is basically a learning platform that provides informative videos for students. Students from any portion of the globe can use this application and gain knowledge. At present, there are around 40million users. So you can imagine how its popularity increased because of the information provided here. As it’s an informative app, one can gain great knowledge here.

For students between 4th and 12th classes, the application special lessons for maths and science. So for a detailed explanation, one can always look up in this application.
Apart from this, BYJU’S mod offers test preparation courses for some major competitive exams. The competitive exams include EE, IAS & NEET, etc.
Thus we can say that BYJU’S APK is a complete package of information and students must make the full use of it. The app is a complete guide for all needy students.

Here below is the small introduction to this application

Features of BYJU’S Premium Apk

Like most applications, this application too has some great features which are worth sharing. Below am sharing some of its awesome features.

1. Live Classes

BYJU'S Premium Apk

Learning is termed best when it has some interaction. Like if you are stuck in a particular problem, then you can straight away ask your doubt to the respected mentor and just get it cleared.
Students can learn through engaging video live courses and bring out the best in them. As of now, many students are engaged in online learning and so BYJU’S Mod Apk can help students in understanding the lessons. Sometimes we need some extra explanations and this app helps us in it.

2. Test

BYJUS Premium Apk

Lessons are best remembered when you test yourself. In this application, there is a chapter-wise test. Tests customized according to the lessons taught so that it can result in the best for you. Sometimes we feel lazy to keep up with the lessons but with tests, we can really show our skills and test ourselves as per our learnings.

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3. Competitive Exam Preparation

BYJU'S Premium Mod

The app gives lessons and courses for the students who are preparing for the competitive level exams.
Like for example, you can take help from IAS toppers to prepare for CSAT, Mains & GS Prelims. Also one can prepare for JEE and NEET here. BYJU’S Mod Apk has a collection of lessons which can help a student in their competitive preparations.

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4. Practice

BYJU'S Mod Apk

The practice is what makes one perfect. BYJU’s Mod helps the student to have a practice of their lessons learned according to their respective speed and level of their knowledge.
The more people practice, the more they get to learn things.

5. Analyze


Students can analyze their performance here. There is always a need for improvement in any field and analyzing our progress can help us in doing better. Analyzing what chapters to do first can help in better preparation. In BYJU’S Mod Apk a student can analyze their competition too and so work accordingly.

6. Revise

BYJU'S Mod Apk

Revision is really important because we sometimes tend to forget the past learned lessons. Having a regular reading can help us in scoring good and improve our memorizing power. Revision thus means re-reading our lessons on a regular basis.

7. Fun Learning

BYJUS Premium Apk

Learning is fun here as its really engaging. The live classes are really interesting and the teachers are really helpful. One cannot concentrate on their study or work if they are not enjoying it. So fun earning is indeed necessary in any field.

8. Knowledge Graphs


This feature in BYJU’s Mod Apk helps to better understand the theories and also get better knowledge.

BYJU’S Premium MOD Apk Features

1. Screenshot Restrictions Removed
Usually, on the original version of BYJU, there are restrictions on taking screenshots. While learning there are many instances when we have to take notes or note some important points. In such cases, we can take the screenshot of the lessons and then learn them in the future. BYJUS Mod Apk turned to be really helpful for such cases.

2 No ads
Well this BYJU’S Premium MOD has no ads and so we can learn well without any interruptions. Especially while learning or reading something, we don’t like any interruptions, and thus its one of the reasons why people opt for BYJU’S Mod Apk.

Download BYJU’S Premium Apk Latest Version 2020

So here I am sharing the direct download link of BYJU’S Premium Apk. Clicking this link will directly take you to the download page.
The procedure is really simple. Below is the direct download link.

App NameBYJU’S Premium APK
Size30 MB
Last UpdatedJune 2020
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How to Install this application

The steps for installation of this application are given below

Step1 – First of all, uninstall the previously downloaded apk.
Step2 – Then go to the Settings area. What you have to do here is to Enable download from unknown sources.
Step3 – After the file is downloaded, just go to the file manager to search the file and click on the install option.
Step4 – Open the application and start learning.



Taking about the usefulness of BYJU’S Mod Apk then student using this application has performed really well in the academics. Now talking about the numbers then, nearly 42 million students are learning from this application at present which is really a huge number. This thus shows how people are liking this application.

Talking about the study time then it is seen that students on average spend around 71 hours of learning. Parents too gave a good impression about BYJU’S Premium Apk as it’s reported that an increase in grades was seen among the students who learn their stuff here. 93% of parents said that their children improved their learning from this well-customized learning. Many students from my locality too started learning from this application and their result has really improved.

Wrapping Up

Thus I have shared the direct download link of BYJU’S Mod Apk.
It is one of the best learning applications and any student can make the best use of it by just learning the lessons well. In the present situation where we can’t move out of the house, this application will help us to study our lessons without any difficulty.
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