How to make money with Rozdhan earning app

Friends, everybody wants to earn money in today’s time. For this, people are adopting a trend of online earning today. Because the field of online earning has increased a lot. Today we will tell you about an app with the help of which you can earn well. Today we will talk about Rozdhan Earning App. In which we will also tell you how to make money with Rozdhan earning app This is a Genuine App. The Play Store has more than 5 million downloads Whose users have given very good reviews. If you want to earn online then do not worry. Today, we have brought you the relief of your concern. So do not take too much time to know how to make money with Rozdhan Earning app.

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Today you will tell us about some tips that will help you earn good money from Rozdhan. You will get this money in the form of a coin which will be converted into a wallet in Rozdhan’s next day. If you have Rs 200 in your Rozdhan Wallet, you can take it in your paytm account. But for this, you must have at least 200 rupees in your Rozdhan Account.

How to Download Rozdhan app

To download Rozdhan App, you have to click on the link below. After that, you will be redirected to the Play store. From where you can download it easily. And then enter my invite code for getting Rs 50 instantly.

Download Rozdhan app

Invite Code – 066MJ7

How to Create account on Rozdhan app

After downloading it, you have to create an account on it. Which is very simple. Which can be made by following some steps. So we tell you about those steps too.

1 Select Language

easy way to make money
How to make money with Rozdhan

After downloading it first you have to choose your language in it. You can choose which language you have.

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2 Permissions

Give Rozdhan all permissions
How to make money with Rozdhan

After this, it will ask for some permissions that you have to allow.

3 Login

best earning app 2019
How to make money with Rozdhan

In the third step, you have to log in. After which you will be given a bonus of 25Rs. You can log in in 3 ways. First, you can log in with any of your mobile numbers, second, you can log in through Facebook, and thirdly you can log in with your Google Account. Keep in mind the numbers you are logging in from Or login to any Facebook account or Google account. Before that, your Rozdhan app should not be in the account. You will get a bonus of 25 RS immediately after logging in. You will also be given a bonus of 25RS if you download it from the direct play store. And if you download from a link sent by a friend, you will get 50 rs. He knows how to come.

Download Rozdhan app

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How to get 25RS Bonus more

How to make money with Rozdhan

After you create your account on Rozdhan after that 25RS will come in your wallet. After this, to get 25 RS, you need an invitation code. In your Rozdhan app, you will get an option of entering the code in which you have to enter the code below.

Download Rozdhan app

Invite Code – 066MJ7

After entering this code you will get 25 RS. After that, your wallet will get 50RS. And as soon as you have 200 RS you can take them in your Paytm account.

So it was done how Rozdhan will become an account on the app. Now let’s talk about how to earn money from Rozdhan app.

How to make money with Rozdhan app

Rozdhan is a Best earning app. Making money from Rozdhan app is very simple. You can earn good money by giving some time on this. There are several ways in which you can earn. So know about those methods.

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1 Refer and Earn

best earning application
How to make money with Rozdhan

You have seen the program Refer and earn in many applications. In which you have to share this app with your friends. After which if any person creates an account by clicking on the link sent to you, you are given some money as commission. One such program is also found in the Rozdhan app.

If any person creates an account on rozdhan with a link sent by you, then you will be given 1500 coins. You can invite your friends using Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, messenger, etc. using any social media. After that, when any person creates an account by clicking on your link, they will be asked to interrupt an invitation code. In which he has to put the code sent by you. After that, you will get 1500 coins.

2 Share Articles and earn coin

There is another way in this. Sharing the given articles in it If you are fond of news, you can read news articles on this side. On sharing, you get 100 coins. This is also a good way. To earn coins.

3 Share Ranking list

You can also earn by sharing your Ranking. In this, Ranking is given up to 20 coins on sharing.

4 Check-in

There is a fourth way in this check-in. If you check it daily by opening it and you are given 20 Coins.

Download Rozdhan app

Invite Code – 066MJ7

So in these ways, you can earn good money with the help of rozdhan app. It’s a genuine you Which has given considerable reviews. On Play store.

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Friends In this post, we talk to you best Money making app in which we told you Rozdhan Earning app. With this in this post, we told you how you can earn good money with its help. That too in a very short time. So we hope you liked this article. If you liked this article, please like and share this article. If you have any questions or suggestions that you would like us to give to us, give us a comment below, or mail us.
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