How To Clear Cache In Chrome Browser: Increase Your Browser’s Speed Instantly

How To Clear Cache In Chrome Browser

How To Clear Cache In Chrome

How To Clear Cache In Chrome

Improving system and application performance are one of the advantages of caches.

If you do not want to record which websites you visited while using Chrome, you can delete your browsing history. Once you have deleted your history, it will take effect on any device you activate when you log in.

The advanced options are optional, but they give you a bit more control over what to remove. You can delete your entire browsing history, delete cookies and other site-specific settings information, and delete cached image files. Chrome also shows you how much disk space you’ve saved by clearing the cache. 


What is Cache?

When you open a website in Chrome, the browser might collect information or put some of your data in a special ‘Cache’. The more frequently a website is accessed, the longer the cache takes to completely get erased.

So even though you don’t use any of the website content or any links in it, it still maintains its presence in Chrome and slows down its performance. Google Chrome Cache After a browser install, the Chrome cache persists for about 5 years.

That’s a small amount considering most web browsers cache less than a week. For example, the average cache lifespan of Internet Explorer is only 30 days. And still, in Firefox, it’s less than 1 day. In comparison, Google Chrome averages about 15 days of cache life.

Clear Cache in Chrome with a single click

Fortunately, clearing cache on Chrome is a two-step process. There are a few steps you need to take, and you need to do them consistently to clear all the junk data from your browser. Here’s how to clear cache in Chrome.

Open the URL that you want to clear the cache in Chrome.

  • Click on the three horizontal lines on the top-right corner of the URL bar.
  • Now Click on Clear Cache in Chrome.
  • Click on Clear Cache in Chrome again to confirm that the cache has been cleared.
  • You can find the list of all the pages that have been cleared, under the “Cached resources” section. You can make sure that all your pages are present in the list.

You can clear cache manually

Chrome’s cache memory is actually used by your computer to keep your website bookmarked and also gives you the option to quickly access your most-visited sites. To improve your online browsing experience, the first thing to do is clear Chrome’s cache. And here is how:

How to clear the cache on Chrome Browser

  1. Open the Chrome menu
  2. More Tools
  3. Click the Clear browsing data
  4. Click Clear Cache

Now when you see the checkboxes, click the boxes if you want to clear the cache completely, or you can uncheck it if you need to clear a specific item. And if you want to clear the cache of specific items, then use the check box next to that item.

How to know when to clear cache Chrome Browser

Just like the virus scanners in the world of technology, Chrome also shows warnings if its memory has become overloaded.

If you are experiencing Chrome’s constant slowing down, it’s best to clear the cache. To do this, open the Chrome web browser on your device and click the three vertical dots at the top right of the browser window. Tap “More Tools” and then select “Activity Monitor.” From this screen, you can see all the processes that Chrome is using, like websites you have visited, in addition to the JavaScript and CSS files stored in the cache.

Also, you will be able to see a list of all the resources Chrome is using and those it is not using. You can even stop all these processes by selecting the “Stop all connections” option. Can I increase Chrome’s speed?

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How clearing cache can increase your browser’s speed

The cache is an in-built feature of all modern browsers that store the frequently accessed information in the computer’s RAM for quicker access. But when it gets full, it becomes a bottleneck for your internet service provider’s (ISP’s) broadband speed, slowing down the overall browsing experience.

You will be shocked to know that Chrome can help you to keep these caches clear. How To Clear Cache In Chrome: How To Do There is a hidden feature that Chrome users don’t know about.

You can clear Chrome’s cache simply by going to the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner and selecting “Clear Browsing Data”. This will prevent your browser from storing unnecessary information which, eventually, increases the speed of your connection.


With all the above solutions, if you’re looking to speed up your browser, and remove any barriers preventing you from completing your work, the Express Cache is definitely the way to go.

Deleting cached cookies in a web browser is an important first step in troubleshooting the Internet. Deleting your cached data in Chrome is similar to removing cookies that manage your history, as both settings appear on the same page.

If you clear your browser cache and delete your history and cookies, you will be given a blanket to go online the next time.

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