Best web hosting for a blog in 2020

Best web hosting for a blog in 2020: Friends, when we start a blog or website, then there is only one question in our mind, which hosting will be right for us. And what hosting plan should we choose? If this is happening even in your mind, then you have come to the right place. Today we will talk about the Best web hosting for a blog. And tell you what web hosting will be right for you in the beginning, for blogging.

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Friends, to rank your blog on the internet, it is important to choose a good web hosting. There are many websites that provide you the best hosting. The websites through which you can start your blog. Well, there are many websites on the internet but we will know about web hosting which are really good and whose services are also much better. Learn more about which is the best web hosting for a blog.

Free web hosting vs paid web hosting for a blog

What new bloggers do is that they will buy the domain and start hosting it by visiting a free web hosting website. After which they have to face many problems. Using free web hosting will slow down your website. And its speed does not get so much. Which leads to an error on your website when there is more traffic. If you want to be a good blogger, never use free web hosting.

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Buying a Good Web Hosting You will only advise using a good paid hosting. Today you get web hosting at very low prices. Not too expensive There are many good trusted websites. Those who give you a good web hosting in a lot of money. If you really want to blog, you have to invest some money first. Which is also necessary. paid and in a premium web hosting, you will get more advanced features than free hosting. That helps to SEO your website and rank it.

Best web hosting plan for a blog

Now we talked about whether we need to get free web hosting or paid. After this, the question is, what is the best web hosting for a blog And the best web hosting plan for a blog This question always remains in the minds of new bloggers. And right there too.

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Friends, you can choose a good web hosting plan for yourself by keeping your budget in mind. If you are new and you are interested in blogging and if you do not have much money then you can get shared hosting. And in the meantime, I will buy you shared hosting only. Because initially there will not be much traffic on your website, so take a plan of 3 or 6 months in the beginning and work on it.

Best web hosting provider for a blog

Now we also talked about which plan we should buy at the beginning. Which is the best web hosting plan for our blog Now talk about Best web hosting for a blog So there are many companies that offer you a great web hosting. And 24 × 7 customer service. So, know about the best hosting companies.

1. Bluehost
2. Hostgator
3. Reseller Club
4. GoDaddy
5. Namecheap

1. Bluehost WordPress hosting for a blog

Friends Bluehost is a very big company. Which provides web hosting. This is a trusted company. Bluehost’s hosting is used by many big bloggers, so far around 2 million websites have been created by Bluehost. It gives you the convenience of costume care of 24 × 7. With whom you can talk in your language. Bluehost guarantees money back with this and gives the facility to refund within 30 days. The plans of Bluehost are slightly expensive. But their service is very good at all over the world.

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The speed of Bluehost is very good and you get many advanced features in it. If you want to start a blog and your blog is in Hindi, then you can use Bluehost Indian server and if your blog is in English, then you can use your blog Take BlueHost to US Server Because the US server is much better than India. And if you have a good budget then you will advise taking a hosting with Bluehost. In this, you will get hosting from 300 to 400.

2. Hostgator best web hosting for a blog

Hostgator is also a good company. Which provides you with a good web hosting service at work price. If you have a low budget and you want to start your blog, then Hostgator gives you web hosting service at a lower cost. This is also a very popular website. More than that, many big bloggers buy hosting for their websites. Initially, I also had to buy hosting from Hostgator for myself. In which I took a plan of shared hosting On Hostgator, you get different plans, keeping your budget in mind.

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In this shared hosting, you have been given a Starter plan, Hatchling plan, Baby plan, and business plan. Let us know that except for its business plan, SSL certificate is not provided in any scheme. If you are new and you are looking to create the same website, then the Shared Hatching Plan of hosting will be right for you. If you want to host more than one domain then you can buy its baby plan.

3. Reseller Club best web hosting for a blog

 Reseller club is also a good website. I am still using Reseller Club’s web hosting as well. Its speed is very good and its customer service is also very good. In this, you get web hosting at a very low cost. The special thing is that you get a free SSL certificate in all its plans. That’s a good thing, which is a good thing. The cost of its plan is very low. And the Reseller Club does not have to spend too much money on renewing web hosting.

There are also some schemes of shared hosting which start from Rs. 115 There are 3 plans in it, which include Personal, Business, and Pro. If you have to host 1 domain then you can do personal plan and if you have to host 2 to 3 domain then you can also plan it. And for this, you can also take a pro plan of it.

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In the same plan, you will get the same features. Just the number of domain hosting will vary. If you are new and your budget is low then you can take a Personal Plan of Reseller Club. You will get SSL certificate free in all plans. This is a special benefit.

4. Godaddy best web hosting for a blog

Go daddy is a company whose name will be heard by almost everyone. This website is selling in the world no. 1 company. On Godaddy, you get the domain at the lowest price. And now this website is also providing web hosting. On GoDaddy, you get the hosting at a very low price. But if you are new and getting hosting for the first time then go daddy’s hosting is not recommended. Because you do not get more features in its shared hosting plan. If you need more features then you will have to spend more money.

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The plans of shared hosting on Godaddy start at Rs 99. But you will buy this plan for 2 years only when you get it in 99 rupees. Well, it costs Rs 199. So this is a minus point. At the same time, you do not get an SSL certificate in it too. In this, you get a very limited storage limit. Because of which it does not recommend for you.

5. Namecheap best web hosting for a blog

There is also the Namecheap in the list of Best web hosting. This is a good website. Which offers low-cost hosting services. This is a trusted website. The Namecheap gives you many features that too at a very low cost.

They say that the Namecheap gives 100% uptime and 24 × 7 also has customer service. And if you do not like hosting them, then within 30 days you can call them and this will give you your money back.

If you are looking to buy cheap hosting, then you can buy hosting from Namecheap, you are given SSL certificate free and it is also given free website builder which is a very good thing. free website builder offers very little site, the price of its smallest plan starts at $ 3 and in it, you can buy it in less than the coupon code, in which you can host 3 domains. With this, you can also use 30 subdomains.

So, friends, we talked to you about Best web hosting for a blog in 2020in this article, about Best web hosting for a blog In which we talked about you about many sarees web hosting company. And talked about their features and price. Well, there are many other web hosting companies from which we talked about some of the important companies and told about their plans. We hope you have liked this article. If you liked this article, please like it and share it.

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