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Hello friends, today we will talk about 7 Best Backlink Checker Tools 2019, with whom we will check backlinks of our website. Backlinks are very important for the website. With this help, we can rank our website. And backlinks also play an important role in bringing organic traffic to our website. You do not even need any applications to check the backlinks of your website. You can easily check your website’s backlinks through the website. So we first talk about why backlinks are so important for a blog? Value of Backlinks.

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Value of Backlinks

Many people have a question about why backlinks are important for blogs. So backlinks is the link to any website or blog, which can help to rank the blog. The more you create your backlinks for your website, the better it will be for your website. Backlinks are an important part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But backlinks should also be of high quality. Because Google’s algorithm has the highest quality backlinks on your website, Google will rank your blog or website.

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Low-Quality Backlinks Reduces Website Ranking So try to create high-quality backlinks for your website. And create backlinks from any major website, because creating a backlink from the big website will give you great traffic. And you can use any Backlink Checker tool for this. So while not taking too much time we talk. Regarding those 7 Best Backlink Checker tool 2019, with the help of which you can check backlink of your website.

7 Best Backlink Checker Tools 2019

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs tool is one of the Best Backlink Checker Tool 2019. This tool gives many features. Most of which are paid. The database of Ahrefs Tool is updated in every 15 minutes. Almost every second blogger uses this tool to rank their website and to analyze your competitor. This tool tells you both two-follow backlinks and no-follow backlinks. In addition, this tool also tells you where your competitor has created Backlinks. In this, you can check your backlinks in free. By using which the Ahrefs tool will tell you how many backlinks your website has. Ahrefs tool is great for SEO. If you want to rank your website, then definitely use this tool.

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2. Semrush

In this list, we will talk to the second number. About Semrush tool Semrush is also a paid tool. But for a few days, you can use its trial version. Semrush also updates daily to its database. So that it can give accurate information to its users. With the help of a Semrush tool, you can also check which country your website has received backlinks And how many backlinks have you received from which domain extension. Semrush also uses almost all Blogger or Website Owners. And with its help, let us also analyze your Competitor.

3. Backlinkwatch

In the list of best Backlink checker tools, we will talk about Backlinkwatch So far, we told you about two paid tools in which you had to pay some money to take advantage of their services. But this is not the case in this tool. The Backlinkwatch tool is a free tool. And it’s also very popular. With this tool, you can check it How many quality backlinks are coming to your website. And with this help of this tool, you can also find out How many visitors are coming to your website daily? This is a good tool. Just have to face some more ads in this.

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4. OpenLinkProfiler

In this list 7 Best Backlink Checker Tools 2019, we will tell you about Openlinkprofiler at number four. This tool is absolutely free too. With this tool, you can check backlink your website as well as any other website. This website will show you unlimited backlinks of your website. Another special feature of this tool is that with its help you can also locate low-quality backlinks of your website. And they can also detect and remove them. So that Google does not downgrade your website’s ranking. According to Google’s new algorithm, low-quality backlinks can be harmful to your website. So, remove them from your website.

5. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is one of the best backlink checker tool 2019. This tool can be used in both free and paid versions. Users can use this tool as per their need. This is a very popular tool Which is used by almost all SEO experts around the world. Its special thing is that, with the help of this, you can compare backlinks of 2 domains simultaneously. With the help of which you can find out where the backlinks are coming from your competitor’s website. This tool gives you the perfect result.

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6. Link Diagnosis

At the sixth number in 7 Best Backlink Checker tools 2019, we will talk about another free tool. Whose name is, Link Diagnosis This is also a free tool. It lets you tell about all kinds of links. Such as how many internal links are on your website, how many external links are, how many page links are, how many duplicate links are on your website, and how low-quality links are. It gives information about all of these, that too in only one result. With this help, you can remove all low-quality backlinks from your website. The best thing about it is that you can download and create a .csv file. But you can use this tool only in Firefox.

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7. Rank Signals

In this list 7 Best Backlink Checker Tools 2019, we will talk about the Rank Signals Tool at number seven. This is also a free tool and is a very popular tool. With the help of which you can check the backlink of your website. This tool provides you with reports of domain and backlink. With this link, this tool also tracks the traffic source of your compatriot. Rank Signal provides many SEO tools. This is also a good tool, Which you can use.

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So, friends, we talked to you about this post about 7 Best Backlink Checker Tools 2019. In which we tried to tell you about both free tools and paid tools. This tool will help you a lot about giving accurate information about backlinks. All bloggers use any other tool according to their own needs. You can also use any of these tools according to the needs of your website. And can prepare quality backlinks for your website. So we do hope. That you may have liked this information if you like this information, please like this post and share this information. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get more such information.

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