5 Best Tools to Find Long Tail Keywords In Any Niche

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Hello friends, today we will tell you 5 Best Tools to Find Long Tail keywords in Any Niche. Today the trend of earning online has become trendy. If you have any skills. So you can easily earn good money online. And the first thing to earn online comes to mind, blogging. Now the person makes a blog, but after that, the biggest problem is to do keyword research. And the person gets upset by thinking about which article the article is written on.

If this is the case in your mind then do not worry, we are going to tell you today how to research Long Tail keywords for Blog. In which we will tell you about 5 Best Tools to Find Long Tail keywords In Any Niche Long-Tail keywords play an important role in ranking the article. Because the Short keyword also comes in long-tail keywords. Which helps to rank your article. So use Long-tail keywords in your article. Because long-tail keywords are also very important in terms of SEO. So if you do not know about Long-Tail Keywords then we first talk about what is Long Tail keywords?

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What is Long Tail

So if you do not know about Long Tail Keywords, then we tell you what is Long Tail Keywords and How to use Long tail keywords. To write any post, first select a good keyword. Because keywords are the foundation of SEO. So when you use more than 3-4 words in your keywords, it is called Long Tail keyword. There are also short keywords. But before working on the Long Tail keyword, we should make sure that what is the niche of our blog, and on which topic you have to write an article. As if you have to write articles above Smartphones, your main keyword will be Smartphone and we will search the smartphone in the search box. for example

  • New Smartphone
  • Best Smartphone
  • Samsung Smartphone

So these are short keywords. We will choose our long tail keywords based on these keywords. As we add some more tail keywords to these keywords.

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  • New smartphone launch
  • New smartphone sale
  • New Xiaomi Smartphone Sale
  • Under 10K smartphone 2019

How to use Long Tail keywords

So this is Long Tail keyword, we have added many keywords in the same topic. Like our main word is the Smartphone we added a new addition to it, which has become a New Smartphone. Then we added also Sale in it, which has become New Smartphone Sale, after that we added a company name to it and added Xiaomi, Which means the keyword gets New Xiaomi Smartphone Sale. So it became a Long Tail keyword. In which we used 3 to 4 keywords. So this is what we now know that what are the Long Tail keywords. And How to use Long Tail keywords Now know that 5 Best Tools to Find Long Tail keywords In Any Niche.

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5 Best Tools to Find Long Tail Keywords In Any Niche

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a very popular tool to research keywords. It is from India that is made by Neil Patel. And this tool is absolutely free. Search Google in Ubersuggest and go to its website and you can search your keyword in the Search Box. With this, you can also select your targeting country in it. After that, it tells you several results by searching for the results. In which it gives you some keyword ideas too Which are the Long Tail keywords. Along with this, it also tells her the competition and CPC. So that you can help you rank your keyword.

2. Keyword everywhere

In this list, we will talk about the second number, Keyword everywhere tool. This is an extension that helps you suggest keywords. You do not have to do much more than that. You just have to add this extension to your Chrome browser, just after that whenever you search your keywords in Google Keywords everywhere extension you can find that keyword’s CPC Search Volume and its Everything Will tells. In addition to this, many more Long Tail keywords will also tell you. This is my favorite tool. Which is very great as an extension. It gives almost the exact result. It’s too easy too. So if you’re searching for Long tail keywords, this extension can be very beneficial for you.

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3. Google Auto Suggest

At the third place in this list, we will tell about Google Auto Suggest. We all know that Google is the world’s largest search engine. On which people search something or anything from all corners of the world, and many people even do some daily dailies on Google Which is the highest data on Google. So whenever we do some searches on Google, Google suggests more keywords to us than that topic Which are the Long Tail keywords. And there are also very popular. So this is a good trick. Long tail keyword to search. That which I use often.

4. Word Tracker

In this list, we will talk at number four about Word Tracker. This is a very popular tool. For that, this is a Paid tool, but you can take a trial for 7 days. In which you get to search 100 keywords. This is a very good tool. This tool also tells the Long Tail keywords as well as their search competition. With this, it also gives information about keyword effectiveness. This is a very great tool. This tool also explains the number of times the tool has been searched. So this is a great tool. Which helps you to rank your article and research Long tail keyword.

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5. Answer the Public

In this list, we will tell you about the answer to the public at the fifth and the last number. This tool is one of my favorite tools. This is a very good tool. With which you can search the Best Long Tail Keywords. This tool is created by Google and Bing. So from this, we can understand how much this tool will be genuine. And how many accurate results would be given. In this, you have to enter your keyword and search it. After which it gives you the best Long Tail keyword in a few seconds. Which are very good Whatever keywords you search on, this gives it in the form of a question. And many more questions are answered. So I like it a lot. You can also use this tool to search the Long Tail keyword for yourself.

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Friends, In this post we talk to you about How to Research Long Tail Keywords for Blog. In which we told about 5 Best Tools to Find Long Tail keywords In Any Niche. In this, we have told you about both free tools and paid tools. All these tools are very popular and genuine. If you are a blogger then all these tools are of great help to you. You can use any tool according to your need. And you can choose the best Long Tail keyword for your website. So we do hope. That you would have liked our information. If you like this information please like this post, and share this information. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get more such information.

Thank you very much for coming to this website and reading this post.

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